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10 Micron produces a full lineup of accessories for the GM2000 and GM4000 Mountings.  These accessories are available separately as well as part of complete Mount/Accessory packages.


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Centaurus Carbon Fiber Tripod



The Centaurus Carbon Fiber tripod combines with the GM2000 to make the ultimate in portable imaging platforms.  Through the use of large diameter carbon fiber legs the Centaurus is able to match the stiffness of steel legs without the excessive weight.  Beefy CNC aluminum couplings, zero-play pivots, and dual leg locks guarantee rock solid leg locking and zero slop.  The result is a stable and fully adjustable platform that weighs only 35lb!

Centaurus incorporates locking adjustable leveling feet and dual bubble levels for accurate leveling.  The independent leg extensions enables setup and leveling on uneven ground.

The included heavy nylon fabric triangle accessory holder provides a convenient location to keep a large compliment of accessories readily accessible and away from the ground.  For convenience, the accessory holder remains in place and simply collapses when closing the tripod for transport.  Centaurus also includes a matching padded nylon carry case.


Tripod with double beam leg system (Compatible with Astro-Physics GTO 900 1200 mounts)

Construction material:

CARBON FIBER tubes and CNC machined aluminum blocks.

External finishing:

Black anodizing for aluminum parts

Height: Adjustable from 39.5" (100 cm) to 63" (160 cm).
Leg Spread: 43" (110 cm) Diameter, measured at minimum height/leg extension.
Transport Size: closed:  40" x 13.8" diameter
Maximum load capacity: 220 lb (100 kg).
Weight : only 35 lb (16 kg).
Included accessories:

Transport waterproof bag, protective head cap, triangle-shaped accessory holder, integral bubble levels.


All features can change without prior notice

- Centaurus Tripod,  Carbon Fiber  (#TRIPOD-CF)

- Centaurus Tripod, Stainless Steel   (#TRIPOD-SS) Available on special order (weight 55 lbs)






GM2000 Cases and Covers


Ultraport Transport Cases, Mount Head

Transport Case, Counterweights + Accessories

Head Cover

The GM2000 Transport Cases provide a convenient and secure means of transporting and storing the mount and all its accessories.   These cases are built tough to withstand heavy use and feature custom fitted padding, a durable high-impact plastic coated wood exterior, metal reinforced corners and edges, plus double heavy-duty draw catches and handles on 3 sides.   The accessory case has compartments for two counterweights, counterweight shaft, plus a removable top tray for the QCI Control System, cables and power supply.

- Head and Accessory Transport Cases, Ultraport ( 3 Cases)  (#CASE-U)

The GM2000 Mount Head Cover is perfect for covering the mounting in the field or for indoor storage to protect the mount from dust and exposure to the elements.  Its unique dual zippered design permits installation of the cover even with a telescope attached.  Bottom drawstring closes the cover tightly around the base of the mount.

- Mount Head Protective Cover   (#COVER)





Power Supplies


GM2000 AC Power Supply

GM2000 12VDC Power Supply

GM4000 AC Power Supply

For the GM2000 10 Micron offers two robust power supplies that will meet the needs of permanent or field operation.   The AC supply is compatible with 110-240VAC and provides 24VDC, 70W for use where AC power is available.  For field operation the 12VDC - 24VDC converter enables powering the GM2000 from a 12V car battery, and includes a standard cigarette lighter plug.

- Power Supply, AC 110-240V 50-60Hz / DC 24V - 70W, for GM2000  (#PWR - AC2)

- Power Supply, DC/DC Car Converter 12V/24V - 70W, for GM2000  (#PWR - DC/DC)

For the GM4000 we have a greater capacity AC supply that provides clean power with plenty of capacity for the greater needs of the GM4000.

- Power Supply, AC 110-240V 50-60Hz / DC 24V - 150W, for GM4000   (#PWR - AC4)







GM2000 Counterweights, 13/26 lbs

Available in two sizes for the GM2000, 13lb (6kg) and 26lb (12kg).  Both sizes are precision machined from steel and hard nickel plated, and include a captive brass pin to prevent marring of the counterweight shaft.   Each counterweight is hand-buffed to a satin luster prior to plating, in order to give a lasting and attractive finish that won't show finger prints like a polished finish.

- Counterweight 6kg (13.2lbs)  (#CTWT-6)

- Counterweight 12kg (26.4lbs)  (#CTWT-12)


GM4000 Counterweight, 44 lbs

Made to the same precision and finish as their smaller cousins.  This 44 lb (20 kg) counterweight fits the larger 60mm diameter counterweight shaft of the GM4000.  

Please note:  Minimum order quantity 5pcs.

- Counterweight 20kg (44 lbs)  (#CTWT-20)





Dovetail Plate


Losmandy Dovetail Plate, GM2000

Available for the GM2000.  10 Micron machined Losmandy compatible dovetail plate with two locking knobs.

- Losmandy Dovetail Plate, for GM2000  (#DOVE-LOS)

Note:  Please Contact Us for information on Mounting Plate options for the GM4000




Pier Adapters


Losmandy Dovetail Plate, GM2000

For use with your own pier.  These zinc plated steel pier adapters can be attached with screws or permanently welded to the top of a permanent pier in order to provide a precision factory-machined mounting surface.  Includes all  necessary threaded holes for attachment of the GM2000 or GM4000 mountings.

- Pier Adapter GM2000 for Column (Steel)   (#PIER-A2)

- Pier Adapter GM4000 for Column (Steel)   (#PIER-A4)



Polar Scope


Polar Scope, GM2000

Achieve rapid and accurate polar alignment with the Illuminated Polar Scope.  6x20 8 field of view.

- Polar Scope for GM2000   (#POLAR)


Polar Scope Illuminator


Perseus Software





Included in the GM2000 "Full Package" is PERSEUS Level III, a full featured state of the art planetarium and telescope control software.  With this software you can fully control the GM2000 or GM4000.

Here are a few of the outstanding features of Perseus:

  • Beautiful Photo-Realistic rendering of star fields, milky way, and solar system objects, including accurate planetary surfaces and moon positions.

  • RealDeep technology integrates real images of deep sky objects into the simulated star fields. Also can utilize the USNO-A catalog to create richly detailed star maps.

  • Night Duration Charts for planning of observations.

  • Simulation of eclipses, binary star orbits, cometary orbits.

  • Control of telescopes via LX200 or ASCOM protocols.

Please click on this link for more information on PERSEUS.


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