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The following un-solicited report was provided by one of our customers.  This test was made using a professional WYKO phase-shifting interferometer.  For this test, he set up the prism in an f/7.5 converging beam, to accurately measure the total  wavefront quality of the diagonal when used in an actual f/7.5 telescope.  This means that the report includes the effect of the very small amount of spherical overcorrection that results from using a prism in a telescope's converging beam.  This report is high testimony to the quality image that the Baader Amici delivers.  In use, the only telltale sign of the amici roof edge being a single very faint diffraction spike on the very brightest stars (fainter than the diffraction seen from the spider vane of a newtonian).



"Here is the report I promised you.  I've included several Wyko "phasemaps", these are 2D maps of the wavefront using false color.  The most important one is the f/7.2 data set trimmed to f/7.5.  You'll notice that the wavefront error is 0.015 rms and 0.094 p-v.  Very nice numbers.  Of course, the actual numbers are probably even better because of the roof diffraction effect.  With the roof line masked off, the numbers are 0.012 rms and 0.057 p-v (1/80 wave rms, 1/18 wave peak to valley).  This data more accurately describes the smooth wavefront and is indicative of how the prism will perform.  I would say that except for the diffraction spike this prism will "disappear" in use."









WYKO Contour Report, Full Data





WYKO Contour Report, Roof Line Removed







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