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As part of the ASTRO T-2 System, the T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal, Precision Amici Star Diagonal, and T-2 Prism Star Diagonal can be configured in various ways.  All three diagonals use the same precision machined housing and input/output T-2 threads.  For some typical configurations, refer to the images below.  Given the large apertures of these diagonals, it is possible to configure these diagonals for use with 2" eyepieces (see 2" configuration below).  Some vignetting may be noticeable on the largest true-field 2" eyepieces, though some users have even used 30mm Naglers with good results. 

In addition to visual configurations, the T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal is well suited for digital imaging.  The mechanical and optical quality allow you to position cameras at right angles to the optical path, without any loss in image quality or mechanical rigidity. 

Of course, you are free to invent your own application, using any of the T-2 System components.  For detailed dimensional specs on all Astro T-2 components, see the ASTRO T-2 System Specs.


T-2 Diagonals, standard configuration for 2" focusers and 1.25" Eyepieces (back focus used in this configuration is 85mm).

- Nosepiece 2"/T-2 (# T2-16)

- Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp 1 /T-2 (# T2-08)


T-2 Diagonals, configured for SCT with Quick Changer System

- Short T-Adapter (C8,16mm) (# T2-21)

- T-2 Quick Change System (# T2-6,7)

- Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp 1 /T-2 (# T2-08)

* Please Note, this image does not reflect the latest T2-08 Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp design or the latest T2-21 Short T-Adapter design

T-2 Diagonals, with VIP Modular Barlow (and 2" nosepiece)

- Nosepiece 2"/T-2 (# T2-16)  -or-  Nosepiece 1/T-2  (# T2-14)

- VIP Modular Barlow (# VIPB)

T-2 Diagonals, Configured for 2" eyepieces and focusers

- Nosepiece 2"/T-2 (# T2-16)

- Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp 2  (# T2-17) - OR -  2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp (CLSC-2)

- Expanding Ring T-2i/2"e (#T2-28a)


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