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 >  Micro Stage II Clickstop DigiScoping Camera Adapter


 >  OPFA  System (afocal and projection adapter)


 >  Digital T-2 System  (Series I and II) (to be discontinued)


 >  HYPERION Digital T Ring  System  


 >  HYPERION T-Adapter


 >  2" DSLR Filter Adapter


 >  Protective Wide T-Ring System for Canon EOS  


 >  Universal Filter Changer System (UFC)  NEW


Micro Stage II Clickstop DigiScoping Camera Adapter


Today's digital cameras now enable amateurs to take spectacular images of solar system objects with their favorite telescope.  However, numerous obstacles must still be overcome to match camera to telescope, both optically and physically.  Ideally, what is required is a rigid and secure method of coupling the wide variety of popular cameras, that allows the astro-imager to use their own eyepieces and to easily vary the distance from camera-to-eyepiece for the optimum position.

Our New Baader Micro Stage II Clickstop DigiScoping Camera Adapter delivers this flexibility, with a brand new twist to help in framing and focusing.  Normally, with other camera adapters, the user must frame and focus the eyepiece first, then attach the camera, being careful not to disturb the infinity focus.  With the MicroStageII Clickstop, the camera can be adjusted to accurately center on the eyepiece, then the camera can be simply pivoted away from the eyepiece for easy visual access to the eyepiece.  Twist the camera back into position, tighten the lock screw and that's it!  The camera may be pivoted out of the way anytime and instantly returned to its aligned position.  A detent (Clickstop) ensures a consistent return position every time.

The combination of cast clamp and support arms permit an easy and precise alignment of the camera to eyepiece, with just about any camera and eyepiece combination.  The Micro Stage II quickly attaches to an eyepiece by it's single clamp knob and large-area padded V-block clamp.  The clamp has been designed to attach to a large range of both 1.25" AND 2" eyepieces (29 - 63mm eyepiece outside diameters).   The Micro Stage II even readily adapts to spotting scopes and binoculars.  Each Micro Stage II comes in a leatherette storage pouch and folds into a compact flat configuration for easy storage in camera cases, etc.



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OPFA System



An alternative to our Micro Stage 6030, Our Baader Planetarium OPFA System provides a unique and adaptable system for projection imaging (OPFA = Ocular Projection and Focal Adapter).  This system provides an all-threaded and direct coupling between the telescope and camera.  It has been designed to work for afocal projection, as well as traditional eyepiece projection imaging.  It's clever design securely couples your threaded Digital, CCD, or Film camera, while permitting the critical adjustment needed to closely position a 1.25" eyepiece at the optimum location (particularly critical for eliminating vignetting in afocal projection with Digital cameras).  The OPFA takes advantage of it's compatibility with all Baader Astro-T2 System components, allowing you to perfectly match all the needs of your system.  The OPFA provides the most secure, compact, and flexible system ever devised for coupling digital cameras to a telescope for both afocal and direct projection.

Key Features of the OPFA;

  • Secure threaded couplings

  • Adjustable eyepiece-to-camera distance

  • Works with standard 1.25" eyepieces (body diameters up to 37mm)

  • Integrates with all Astro T-2 system components for adaptability

Please note:  Attachment to the OPFA requires the presence of lens threads (some Digital Cameras are not threaded).  In order to use the OPFA with either Digital, CCD, or Film cameras, additional couplers may be required to match your particular camera.  As supplied, the OPFA provides T-2 threads at both the input and output.  Most astronomical CCD cameras will permit direct coupling through the OPFA T-2 threading, needing no further components.  For Digital Cameras, please refer to the Digital T-2 System section below for the correct threaded couplers.  For Film cameras, a standard camera T-Ring is required (available from camera stores).    Please click on the link below for more specific details on using and configuring the OPFA system.


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Digital T-2 System


Nikon Coolpix 990 and Olympus C2020Z,

shown with Baader Digital T-2 System Components


The Baader Planetarium Digital T-2 System consists of a wide selection of compatible threaded couplers, that will permit you to convert practically any camera lens thread into a standard M42 x 0.75 T-2 thread (for use with accessories like the OPFA). 

There are two series of adapters, the System I, and System II.  System I components fit common smaller digital cameras, and are based on an M37 thread standard.  System II components fit larger cameras and camcorders, and are based on a larger Sp54 thread standard.  Though it may sound complex, the system is quite simple.

There are two parts required to adapt any camera;

  • First, you will need to select the specific Digital T-Ring, which has external threads that match the lens threading of your camera (see individual T-Ring listings, for cameras not specified contact your camera manufacturer or dealer to determine your camera's thread size).  The Digital T-Ring will convert the camera threads to either an internal M37 (System I) or Sp54 (System II) thread. 

  • Next, a Digital T-Adapter converts the M37 (System I) or Sp54 (System II) Digital T-ring thread to a standard internal T-2 thread, for attachment to any T-2 threaded accessory (ie, OPFA).

Note: Some cameras (ie, Casio, Nikon 5700) incorporate large threads that mount accessory lenses or add-on adapters to protect the zoom lens.  These adapters often present standard threads that will work with one of our Digital T-Rings.

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Digital T-Adapters

Digitaler T-Adapter (T-2i / M37a) # DTA37  Digital T-Adapter I (Internal T-2/ External M37)

(Many Sony cameras can be directly attached using M37)

# DTA54   Digital T-Adapter II (Internal T-2/ External M54)


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Digital T-Rings, System I (M37)

(note:  while stock lasts, most have been replaced by the Hyperion DT Rings)

# DT37/24   Digital T-Ring (M37/M24)
DT-Ring M37i / M27a # DT37/27   Digital T-Ring (M37/M27)
# DT37/28   Digital T-Ring (M37/M28)

(Nikon Coolpix 950/955/990/995/4500)

# DT37/30   Digital T-Ring (M37/M30)
DT-Ring M37i / M30,5a # DT37/305   Digital T-Ring (M37/M30.5)
DT-Ring M37i / M40,5a für Olympus E2000/20/30 # DT37/405   Digital T-Ring (M37/M40.5)

(Olympus E2000/20/30)

DT-Ring M37i / M41a # DT37/41   Digital T-Ring (M37/M41)

(Olympus Camedia C-series; C5050Z, C4040Z, C3040Z, C3030Z, C3020Z, C3000Z, C2040Z, C2020Z, C2000Z)

DT-Ring M37i / M43a für Olympus Camedia 2500/3040 # DT37/43   Digital T-Ring (M37/M43)

(Olympus Camedia 2500L, D-500L, D-600L, D-620L, Kodak DX3900)


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Digital T-Rings, System II (Sp54)

# DT54/37   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M37)
DT-Ring SP54i / M49a für Minolta Dimage 5 & 7 # DT54/49   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M49)

(Minolta Dimage 5 & 7)

DT-Ring SP54i / M52a für Sony MVC-CD200 / FD97 # DT54/52   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M52)

(Sony MVC-CD200/FD97)

DT-Ring SP54i / M55a für Fuji Finepix 4900/6900Z # DT54/55   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M55)

(Fuji Finepix 4900/6900Z)

DT-Ring SP54i / M58a für Sony DSC-S75, Canon Powershot 90IS # DT54/58   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M58)

(Sony DSC-S75, Canon Powershot 901S)

DT-Ring SP54i / M62a für Olympus E-10, E-20 # DT54/62   Digital T-Ring (Sp54/M62)

(Olympus E-10, E-20)


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NEW!! HYPERION Digital T-Rings

for Afocal Projection Imaging

Baader Hyperion Digital T-Rings enable you to couple practically any digital camera, camcorder, or CCD Camera directly to the 54mm thread of the Hyperion Eyepieces and Clickstop Zoom.  Hyperions make the ideal projection eyepiece for afocal projection imaging, delivering a very sharp projected image without any vignetting.  The direct threaded coupling permitted by the Digital T-rings results in the most accurate and rigid attachment possible even with large and heavy cameras and videocameras.  This system also allows the cameras lens to be located immediately above the large eyelens for eliminating the vignetting common in other systems (afocal projection).

# HDT54/28   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 28mm

(requires HEXT54)

# HDT54/37   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 37mm

(requires HEXT54)

# HEXT54   Hyperion Extension Ring, M54

(used to extend the Hyperion M54 thread)

# HDT54/46   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 46mm
# HDT54/49   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 49mm
# HDT54/52   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 52mm
# HDT54/55   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 55mm
# HDT54/58   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 58mm
# HDT54/62   Hyperion Digital T-Ring, 62mm


for Eyepiece Projection Imaging

The Baader Hyperion Digital T-Adapter permits direct coupling of any T-threaded camera or accessory to the M43 thread of the Hyperion Eyepieces.  For the Clickstop Zoom, the Digital T-Adapter attaches to the M54 thread of the Zoom (located under the rubber eyeguard).  These adapters give an external T-thread (M42x0.75) right at the eyelens of the Hyperions, which enables the Hyperions to be used with CCD and DSLR cameras for classic eyepiece projection photography.  With this adapter, any of the Baader T-2 Extension Tubes can be used in-between the eyepiece and camera, to project and magnify the image as much as desired.   The threaded direct-coupling makes this system extremely rigid and compact.

# HTA43/T2  Hyperion T-Adapter (M43/T-2)
Hyperion Eyepiece, shown with T-Adapter attached
# HTA54/T2  Hyperion T-Adapter for prior models of Clickstop Zoom (MkI and MkII Zooms)  * Also adapts dioptrix astigmatism correctors to the Zoom


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2" Filter Holder for DSLRs

Adapt Baader's 2" Astro Filters onto practically any DSLR camera lens for widefield astrophotography.  Uses Hyperion DT Rings from 28mm to 82mm for coupling onto the camera lenses front filter threads.  Great for UV imagers, too (flower and forensic imaging)

# DSLR-2  2" Filter Front Holder (M48/M54)

(Has internal M48 filter threads on one side for attaching 2" Astro-Filters, external M54 threads on other side for attachment of Baader Hyperion DT-Rings)



Protective Wide T-Ring System for Canon EOS


Today's large sensor digital SLRs and advanced imaging techniques enable amateurs to take spectacular high resolution and long exposure images that push the limits of modern telescope optics.  Up until now, the only means of coupling a DSLR to the telescope  relies on the use of a standard mass produced camera T-Ring.   Unfortunately, T-rings have failed to evolve with the demanding needs of the advanced astro-imager:

  • The use of 42mm T-thread for the coupling causes a choke-point in the imaging train (typcially 38mm internal diameter), resulting in vignetting in fast systems. 

  • High resolution digital image sensors and their protective glass covers are highly vulnerable to dust that can enter the body each time the camera is coupled/uncoupled, or in open systems, particularly if the camera has been modified for full-spectrum use.  

  • These commonly available T-rings are mass-produced for generic camera use, with general manufacturing tolerances and design, which result in a potentially loose bayonet fit that can cause focal plane squareness and long-exposure image shifting from lateral play and angular wobble.

Our New Baader Protective Wide T-Ring System for the Canon EOS evolves the T-Ring and solves these issues. 

  • The 2" wide-aperture of the protective T-ring accepts 3 different attachment adapters, which are included with each T-ring:  Standard T-thread (42mm), 2" thin profile nosepiece, and 48mm thread (astro filter standard). 

  • The internal filter compartment is able to accept both Baader 2" mounted filters, and 50.4mm diameter unmounted filters for the widest clear aperture possible (47.3mm aperture).

  • The optimized design and tight manufacturing tolerances ensure the closest fit possible with the Canon EOS body.  This avoids the occurance of focal plane tilt and image shift caused by play and wobble at this connection point.

The Baader Protective Wide T-Ring System includes 6 configurable parts:

  1. Protective T-ring Body

  2. Temperature Compensation Ring (for installation of 50.4mm x3mm unmounted filters)

  3. Adapter S52/M48 (for 48mm connection thread)

  4. T-thread/M48 adapter (for standard 42mm T-thread connection)

  5. S52/2" wide aperture 2" nosepeice (includes M48 filter thread)

  6. 1.5mm Allen Wrench

For further information and detailed usage instructions, please click on the link below:

Protective Wide T-Ring Instruction Manual (508 kB)


In addition to the basic system, the Protective Wide T-Ring system is available with 4 different pre-installed Baader 50.4mm x3mm filters:  Clear, UV/IR Cut, UHC-S, and 7nm H-alpha.


- Baader Protective Wide T-Ring, Base System  (#DSLR-T, Baader 2958550)

- Baader Protective Wide T-Ring, w/Clear Filter, with phantom group multi-coatings  (#DSLR-CLR, Baader 2958550C)

- Baader Protective Wide T-Ring, w/UV/IR-Cut Filter  (#DSLR-UVIR, Baader 2958550F)

- Baader Protective Wide T-Ring, w/UHC-S L-Booster Nebula Filter  (#DSLR-UHC, Baader 2958550U)

- Baader Protective Wide T-Ring, w/7nm H-alpha Filter  (#DSLR-HA, Baader 2958550H)


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Universal Filter Changer (UFC) System


Baader UFC (Universal Filter Changer System)


The Baader Planetarium UFC (Universal Filter Changer) System consists of a wide selection of modular parts that can be combined to enable you to create a quick-change filter slide that can be used in-between any telescope and camera.  Now, filters can be rapidly and precisely changed without removing your camera, providing the ultimate in imaging flexibility.

The heart of the system is the UFC Base (filter chamber), which accepts a range of Filter Changers that hold the most popular astro filter sizes.  Telescope-side adapters/spacers and Camera-side adapters attach to the center UFC Base, enabling adaptation onto practically any telescope and attachment of any camera. 

Adapters also enable the UFC to be positioned ahead of a DSLR camera lens for fast and easy filter changes.  Its even possible to create a 2" visual yepiece extension that incorporates the UFC to enable quick changing of visual nebula or planetary filters.

  • Versatile filter changer system, very easy and inexpensively modifiable - future proof, enabling an easy conversion to other telescopes and cameras.
  • Precisely machined components and magnetic filter registration mechanism ensure flexure-free and repeatable filter location and positive retention.
  • Largest telescope-side diameter of 65mm (depends on telescope-side connection adapter such as "RASA")
  • Filter changers availble for mounted 2" filters (max. 6mm height - LPFC), as well as unmounted 50.4mm round and 50x50 square filters
  • Multiple accessories (extensions, stray light flange) as well as telescope-sided and camera-sided adapters available

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UFC Components

Create your system from the components below.  Required for each system is at least one of each part

  • UFC Base

  • Filter Changer (one or more)

  • Telescope Side Adapter

  • Camera Side Adapter


# UFC-BASE  Universal Filter Changer Base

(filter chamber)

Filter Changers

# UFC-2  UFC 2" Filter Slider M48 (for cell mounted 2" filters)

# UFC-RD50   UFC Filter Slider RD50 (for un-mounted round filters from 50-50.5mm Diameter)

# UFC-SQ50   UFC Filter Slider SQ50 (for un-mounted filters 50x50 square)

Telescope Side Adapters

# UFC-C8HD  UFC S70/C8 Hyperstar/SC/HDAdapter, - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-C11HD  UFC S70/C11/C9.25 Hyperstar/SC/HDAdapter, - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-C14HD  UFC S70/C14 Hyperstar/SC/HDAdapter, - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-M48I  UFC S70/M48 Adapter,  Internal M48 thread facing telescope - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-RASA  UFC S70/11"/14" RASA Adapter, RASA-plate facing telescope, - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-SCI  UFC S70/2" SC-Adapter,  Internal 2" SC thread connects to telescope - with S70 Dovetail

# UFC-T2I  UFC S70/T2 Adapter,  Internal T2 thread connects to telescope - with S70 Dovetail

Camera Side Adapters

# UFC-S52 UFC EOS T-Ring Adapter, S52 Dovetail Connects to Baader Protective Wide T-ring - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE


# UFC-FLI UFC FLI Adapter, S52 Dovetail Connects to FLI-cameras, for ML and PL Flange - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE

# UFC-M48E  UFC M48 Adapter,  External M48 thread facing camera - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE

# UFC-M54E  UFC M54 Adapter,  External M54 thread facing camera - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE

# UFC-SCE  UFC 2" SC-Adapter,  External 2" SC thread facing camera - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE


# UFC-T2E  UFC T2 Adapter,  External T2 thread connects to camera T-ring - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE


Other Adapters

# UFC-SP54 UFC SP54 for adapting UFC-BASE onto Camera Lenses (requires Baader Hyperion SP54 Digial T-Ring lens adapter rings)

# UFC-SHLD UFC Straylight Shield when mounting UFC onto Camera Lenses - with mounting plate for UFC-BASE

# UFC-XT5  UFC S70/5 Extension 5mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-Clamp with screws

# UFC-XT15  UFC S70/15 Extension 15mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-Clamp with screws

# UFC-XT40  UFC S70/40 Extension 40mm with S70 Dovetail/Dovetail-Clamp with screws

# UFC-XV  UFC S70 VariLock 15-20mm Extension with S70 Dovetail and receptor for S70 dovetail



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Application Information and Images Here






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