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Eyepiece Adapters, Rings




  Reducer 1¼”/.965" (# T2-10)

 >  Reducer 2"/1¼” (# T2-15, T2-15B) T2-15B NEW!!

 >  Focusing Ring Collar FR-4 (# T2-30)

 >  Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp 1¼”/T-2 (# T2-08)

 >  Standard Eyepiece Clamps 1¼”/T-2 (# EYEHOLD-1, EYEHOLD-2)

 >  2" Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp , versions for most telescopes (# CLxxx) 

 >  2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder (# T2-17)

 >  Expanding Ring T-2 Inner/2"Outer (#T2-28a)

 >  2" Eyepiece Extensions (# EXT-CLSC, EXT-2)

 >  1¼"/2" Clicklock Expansion Adapter (# CLEXA)

 >  Nosepiece 1¼”/T-2 (# T2-14)

 >  Nosepiece 2"/T-2 (#T2-16)

 >  T-2 Quick Change System (#T2-6/7, # T2-6A,7) NEW!!

 >  T-2 Extension Tubes (#T2-25A,B,C)

 >  T-2 VariLock, Variable Extension Tubes (#T2-25V, Y)

 >  Short SCT T-Adapters (SCTs/C8/Etc) (#T2-21, SCT-T)

 >  NX4 - ETX Universal Adapter (#NX4-ETX) 

 >  Inverter T-2/T-2 (#T2-26)

 >  T-2 Conversion Ring (#T2-34)

 >  T-2 Lock Ring (#T2-35)

 >  T-2 Spacer Ring Set (#T2RING)

 >  Adapter 36.4/T-2 (Takahashi/Vixen Small) (#T2-03)

 >  Adapter M43/T-2 (Takahashi/Vixen Medium) (#T2-22)

 >  Zeiss Adapter M44/T-2 inner (#T2-09)

 >  Zeiss Cameraadapter M44/T-2 external (#T2-13)

 >  Russian/Pentax Cameraadapter M42/T-2  (#T2-23)

 >  Takahashi Converter  M43/T-2  (#T2-12)

One of the unique aspects of our series of eyepiece clamps, adapters, rings, etc is their compatibility.  These components are all part of Baader Planetarium's ASTRO T-2 System™.  As a result, they have been designed to be mixed and matched as you see fit, enabling you to create a multitude of combinations that allow you to meet exactly your needs.  This novel and ingenious system of interchangeable components provides an array of photo-visual reducers, multipliers, star diagonals, and a myriad of adapters, couplers, and spacers.  With these matched components, practically any system can be configured to provide the highest quality visual, photo, and CCD output from your telescopes.  No other system of components gives you such flexibility.

The ASTRO T-2 System™ is based around a standard T-2 thread (the same M42x0.75 "T-thread" used on camera T-adapters).  By using this thread standard throughout, the system components all play together, enabling practically any configuration imaginable.  For a detailed schematic overview of some possible configurations, please see the Astro T-2 System Layout (52 kB PDF file, requires Acrobat reader).

Please see our ASTRO T-2 System Specs for a detailed listing of  threads and path length dimensions for all of these components.  With this information, you can easily calculate the resulting path length of any combination of parts (useful for applications that depend on knowing exact focal path length or where limited back focus may be available - such as bino-viewers or cameras).

As you would expect from Baader Planetarium, the quality of all system components is first-rate.  The components of the T-2 System are all manufactured to close machining tolerances, and are black anodized or attractively painted for lifetime durability and appearance.  ASTRO T-2 System™ components all mate snugly, unlike the sloppy fits found in so many commonly available accessories.  Your eyepieces and other accessories will fit and locate precisely, maintaining accurate centering as well as a quality feel.  Threads are accurately machined to specification, and machined surfaces are precisely and expertly finished.

A Note About Filter Threads: we have found enough variation between the threads used by filter manufacturers that  filter fittup may be affected (we have found some Lumicon and unknown make filters that fit snugly, or fully thread on but continue to spin even though fully and safely seated due to short thread length and large thread reliefs).  In most cases, the filter fit is still functional and secure.  If you plan to use filtration, we suggest you try your filters with your particular setup soon after receipt, to ensure the fit is adequate.


Reducers 1¼”/.965", 2"/1¼”


T2-10 Reducer 1¼”/.965"

T2-15 Reducer 2"/1¼”



T2-15A Pushfix Low-Profile Multi-Purpose Reducer 2"/1¼”

T2-15B Clicklock Reducer 2"/1¼”  NEW


We offer Four sizes of Baader eyepiece reducers, which allow you to precisely center and clamp your eyepieces or standard accessories into the next larger (or two) sized focuser.  As with most Baader Planetarium accessories, even our reducers offer features and quality not found in any other commonly available products.

- Reducer 1¼”/.965" (# T2-10)

Some of the world's finest planetary oculars are only available as .965" versions.  This reducer will allow you to upsize your .965" eyepieces and accessories to the 1¼” standard., and to make use of 1¼” filters!  Our reducer incorporates filter threads, and is the only .965 reducer we have ever seen that includes them!   Now, you can finally make use of nebula and colored filters with your quality .965" eyepieces.  Why it took this long to finally get this feature to market, we'll never know...

The accurate machining is especially useful for users of popular 1¼” Bino-Viewers.  Now, you can make use of the numerous high quality .965" eyepieces (Takahashi/Pentax/Nikon/Zeiss), minimizing misalignments caused by decentering.  A broad recessed retention groove adds a measure of safety,   and the nickel plated brass lock screw has been machined with a radiussed point, in order to minimize marks on your fine eyepieces.

- Reducer 2"/1¼” (# T2-15)

Our 2"/1¼” reducer permits you convert your 2" focuser for use with 1¼” eyepieces and accessories.  As with its little brother, the 2" reducer incorporates several useful features.  A captive spring bronze lock ring guarantees protection of your eyepiece barrels from damage.  This reducer also incorporates two large nickel plated brass knurled clamp screws that are oriented 90 degrees apart.  The inclusion of two clamp screws results in a superior 3-point attachment that completely constrains your equipment from wobble, particularly important for imaging applications (typical single clamp screw adapters still allow some motion).  Also, for those users that are physically unable to firmly grasp and tighten lock screws, the addition of a second screw doubles the locking force (ie, particularly nice for those unable to grip tightly due to arthritis).

The input side is provided with 48mm filter threads, and also includes a nested internal T-2 thread which enables you to use the reducer along with the other T-2 system components.  One more unique feature sets our reducer apart - it includes an external T-2 thread that surrounds the eyepiece opening (covered and dressed by a knurled removable ring).  This thread permits you to couple other T-2 accessories to the output side.  In one application, you can attach T-2 Extension Tubes and create an extremely rigid afocal or eyepiece projection system.  Once again, you are free to creatively construct your own combinations.

- Pushfix Low Profile Multi-Purpose Reducer 2"/1¼” (# T2-15A)

Baader's ultra-low profile multi-functional Pushfix Reducer is unlike any other reducer.  It permits adaptation of 1¼” eyepieces for use in 2" focusers in one of 3 ways:

  • Push-Fix:  The reducer incorporates 3 radiussed nylon pressure points, which are easily adjusted to provide a friction fit so that 1¼” eyepieces can simply be pushed into the holder and held with the desired force.  This facilitates quick eyepiece changes on the fly without the need to lock and unlock eyepieces (note, this is not intended for very large/heavy eyepieces with equatorially mounted scopes where the eyepiece could be inadvertently pointed downward)

  • Semi-Permanent 1¼/2" conversion:  The 3 internal set screws can be used to semi-permanently attach the reducer to a 1¼” eyepiece, converting it to 2" use.  The screws bear against a hardened bronze compression ring to prevent marring the eyepiece barrel. 

  • Standard Reducer:  A knurled thumbscrew can be used for typical use in quickly locking 1¼” eyepieces into the holder.   The thumbscrew bears against the hardened bronze compression ring to prevent marring of the eyepiece barrel.

- Clicklock Reducer 2"/1¼” (# T2-15B)  NEW

Ever since Baader Planetarium first introduced their superb Clicklock clampimg system we have hounded them to produce a premium Clicklock version of their 2"/1¼” reducer.  The new T2-15B is the result, and it delivers on every count.  As with the standard T2-15, the new T2-15b Clicklock reducer is produced to close tolerances, is hard anodized, and incorporates 2" (M48) filter threads as well as internal T-threads (M42) for attaching the T2-15B to other Baader accessories such as diagonals.

The clicklock system securely locks your 1¼” eyepieces with a fierce non-marring grip, with just a quick 20degree twist of the knurled outer ring.  A knurled Clamp Lever is also provided for added convenience, and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position.  The innovative clicklock system uses internal hardened camming elements that securely lock eyepieces into the barrel, while precisely aligning and squaring their optical axis.   Simpler low cost holders employ a threaded ring and simple ferrule style collet that does not guarantee alignment or squareness.

For more information on the T2-15B Clicklock Reducer, please click on the following link (1.4MB pdf file):  






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Focusing Ring Collar FR-4 #T2-30

Focusing Ring Collar FR-4

(New Version, Lower Profile)

FR-4 on Eyepiece

(Genuine Ortho)

NEW, LOWER PROFILE   Our Focusing Ring Collar slips onto your 1¼” eyepiece barrel, and enables you to adjust and lock a reference stop for repeatable eyepiece focus.  This allows you to set an eyepiece to be precisely parfocal with another eyepiece or piece of equipment (i.e. setting an eyepiece parfocal with a CCD camera for visual framing and focus).  For one example of this, see the Alan Gee, CCD Imaging schematic.  Multiple collars can also be useful in pre-setting Bino-Viewer eyepieces for repeatable focus (to compensate for eye-to-eye focus differences).  The focusing collar is 0.23" (6mm) thick, and incorporates two nickel plated brass lock screws, which are spherical-tipped to minimize eyepiece barrel damage.

- Focusing Ring Collar FR-4 (# T2-30)


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Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp 1¼”/T-2


Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp


T-2 Amici Diagonal Shown with new Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp


The Baader Planetarium Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp (# T2-08) is a precision clamping eyepiece holder that enables you to insert your eyepieces or standard 1 ¼” accessories anywhere within the ASTRO T-2 System™, or for upgrading the stock holder supplied with telescopes.  The Click-Lock clamp offers a brand new approach to eyepiece holders.  Once you try one, you'll never go back to simple set screw or even captive brass clamp rings again!  With a gentle twist of the outer ring, two special non-marring rollers cam into contact with the eyepiece and firmly lock it into the holder.  The 3-point clamp action guarantees none of the eyepiece wobble common in all single screw clamps or Takahashi lockring style holders.  The lack of a protruding lock screw also eliminates one of the annoying hassles of standard holders - no more contortions trying to trying to work your nose around an  inconveniently positioned screw.

The holder is precisely machined to fit your eyepieces with a minimum of slop, resulting in a close accurate fit that keeps your eyepiece properly centered on the optical axis.  The long contact length of  the cam rollers also makes this holder compatible with all grooved eyepiece barrels by bridging the groove.  No more mismatch or hassle of unlocking from the groove.  The secure grip of the cam lock makes the grooved barrels obsolete.  On the front (input) side, the eyepiece clamp has an internal T-2 thread, to mate it to the other components of the T-2 system.  On the output, Baader has added two additional unique and useful features.  The top of the holder is actually an adjustable micro-focusing collar, with 6.5mm of travel.  It allows you to precisely vary and set the overall clamp's height to allow fine adjustment of focus or height for matching other accessories.  Furthermore, this ring is removable, which exposes an external T-2 thread.  By coupling extension tubes, you can use the Click-Lock as an afocal projection system (using eyepieces with ODs of 37mm maximum).

Our Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp makes a superior replacement for the stock eyepiece holders supplied with popular telescopes.  Owners of Takahashi telescopes will find our Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp far superior to the stock Takahashi eyepiece holder, which is frustrating to use (and even allows eyepiece wobble which is particularly bad for guidescope use).  See Telescope Adapters, below, for threaded adapters to mate to your specific telescope.

The Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp is also a key component for a number of common Astro T-2 System configurations, such as the Precision Amici Diagonal, and as a parfocal eyepiece holder for CCD focusing with the Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor.  You may find additional uses in other  T-2 system assemblies of your own making. 



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Standard Eyepiece Clamps 1¼”/T-2


Budget Eyepiece Clamp


Deluxe Focusing Eyepiece Clamp

New Version with Focus Lock Screw

Baader Planetarium also offers two standard thumbscrew 1¼"/T2 eyepiece holders.  The holders are precisely machined to fit your eyepieces with a minimum of slop, resulting in a close accurate fit that keeps your eyepieces properly centered on the optical axis.  Both clamps incorporate and internal T-2 thread and are fully compatible with the Baader Astro T-2 System.

The Budget Clamp uses a single spherical-tipped thumbscrew for compact and lightweight clamping of 1¼"eyepieces.

The Deluxe Focusing Clamp includes 3 thumbscrews for maximum clamping force and security, as well as a captive internal bronze compression ring to prevent marring.  In addition, it incorporates a precision helical focusing action with 5mm of travel, which enables a compact means of fine-adjusting focus.  This feature makes this clamp particularly well suited for use on the Baader Vario Finder.  The latest version (02/13) now has a lock screw to prevent rotation of the focusing setting.


- Budget Eyepiece Clamp 1¼”/T-2 (# EYEHOLD-1, Baader 2458120)

- Deluxe Focusing Eyepiece Clamp 1¼”/T-2 (# EYEHOLD-2, Baader 2458125)


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2" Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp  

- Versions to fit most popular telescopes -


2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp

(SCT Version)

Takahashi Version



Astro-Physics  2.7

(also fits TEC)

The wait is over.  Baader Planetarium has developed the big brother to their acclaimed 1¼” Clicklock clamp.  The new 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century.  Gone are the cumbersome thumbscrews and fumbling in the dark.  Gone are imprecise and wobbly holders.  Now, with a simple twist, 2" eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage.

Simply grasp the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist - that's all there is to it. 

  • 3-point clamping guarantees consistent centering and the complete absence of wobble.

  • No-Marring of your fine eyepieces and accessories.

  • Knurled Clamp Lever is also provided for added convenience and to give a quick visual indication of clamp position *.

  • 20degree Rotation is all that is required. Very low force required to rotate.

  • Absolutely no sag or misalignment, even for heavy and long accessories.

  • Versions to fit most popular telescopes.

For an overview of the Baader 2" Clicklock System, please click the image below:

Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

Owners of all popular SCTs will find the Baader 2" Clicklock to be the perfect way to add 2" capability to their scope. 

Directly mounts to the 2" threads on all popular SCTs (Celestron, Meade).  Can also be converted to Internal T-threads for use on T2 components (ie, T2 Diagonals) with a T2-28a Expanding Ring.

Physical length 47mm (wt 164gm)

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for SCTs, 2" Thread  

  (# CLSC-2)

Large SCTs

Fits the large 3.25" thread on large Celestron SCTs to give a full 2" clear aperture. Approx Optical Path Length 40mm.

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Large SCTs, 3.25" Thread  

  (# CLSCL-2)

Astro-Physics and TEC Refractors

The ideal solution for Astro-Physics refractor owners.  With a single twist the 2" Clicklock clamp grips securely at 3 points, without marring.  Ideal for imagers and visual users.

Physical length of 31mm, consumes just 20mm of Back-Focus when focuser is fully retracted.



Owners of TEC and other Refractors with the Feather Touch 4" focuser can also take advantage of the superior clamping of the Baader Clicklock Eyepiece Holder.   Will not slip or sag under any load!

Note:  Requires the use of the Feather Touch AP2.7" threaded back (available from Feather Touch or Telescope Engineering Company)

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for TEC/AP, 2.7" Thread  

  (# CLAP-2)

Takahashi Refractors and Cassegrains

The Baader 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Holder replaces the crude stock eyepiece clamp and gives Takahashi users the ultimate eyepiece holder for their fine refractor.

The eyepiece holder can also be detached from the M72/M64 portion to expose M68 threads.  This permits use of Baader's M68 Extension Tubes to enable robust and convenient spacing of the holder for adjustment of telescope back-focus.

Fits all Takashi refractors with M72 thread (FS-102, TSA-102, FSQ-85 EDX, FSQ-106N, FSQ-106 ED series, TOA-130S and F and TOA 150, FS-128, FS-152).  Physical Length: 41mm.

Sky90 Version fits Takahashi Sky90 M64 threads.

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Takahashi, M72 Thread  

  (# CLTAK-2, Baader 2956272)


- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Takahashi Sky90, M64 Thread  

  (# CLTAK-2, Baader 2956256)


Owners of theTak Mewlon 250 and 300 can also make use of the 2" Tak Clicklock with the use of one additional adapter, needed for the M71 thread used on the large Mewlons (converts the Mewlon to M72 thread).

- TAK/Mewlon Aux-Adapter M71/M72  (TAK-M71)

Pentax Refractors

For all Pentax refractors using the large 84mm thread (100 SDUF and up).

The eyepiece holder can also be detached from the M84 portion to expose M68 threads.  This permits use of Baader's M68 Extension Tubes to enable robust and convenient spacing of the holder for adjustment of telescope back-focus.

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Pentax, M84 Thread  

  (# CLPX-2)

Zeiss Refractors

Fits the Zeiss M68 thread used on Zeiss APQ Refractors. Physical Length: 31mm

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Zeiss, M68 Thread  

  (# CLZ-2)

Vixen Refractors

For all Vixen refractors using the M60 thread. Physical Length: 31mm

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Vixen, M60 External Thread  

  (# CLVX-2, Baader 2956260)


Skywatcher Refractors

For all Celestron and Skywatcher refractors using the M56 thread. Also fits the Orion 80Ed.

- 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Skywatcher, M56 Internal Thread  

  (# CLSKYW-2, Baader 2956256)



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2" Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp


2" Deluxe Eyepiece Clamp


T2-28a Expanding Ring

Baader Planetarium has a high-quality value solution for users of 2" eyepieces and accessories.  The T2-17 2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder incorporates dual oversized stainless thumbscrews plus a captive spring-bronze clamp ring to protect your eyepiece and accessory barrels from damage.  The inclusion of two clamp screws results in a superior 3-point attachment that completely constrains your equipment from wobble, particularly important for imaging applications (all typical single clamp screw adapters still allow some motion).  Also, for those users that are physically unable to firmly grasp and tighten lock screws, the addition of a second screw doubles the locking force (ie, particularly nice for those unable to grip tightly due to arthritis).  The holder is precisely machined to fit your eyepieces with a minimum of slop, resulting in a close accurate fit that keeps your eyepiece properly centered on the optical axis. 

For attachment, the holder is provided with an internal 2" thread, the same thread used on the back plates of all SCT telescopes.  This permits the holder to be directly threaded onto SCTs, delivering the widest views possible.

The T2-17 2" Eyepiece Clamp is also a key component for a number of common Astro T-2 System configurations, such as the Precision Amici Diagonal and Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector


For use with all of the Baader Astro T-2 components, the T2-28a Expanding Ring is used to convert the 2" threading of the 2" Clicklock Holder (CLSC-2) or T2-17 holder into internal T-2 threads.  It's ultra-low profile takes up only 1mm of length. You may find additional uses in other  T-2 system assemblies of your own making. 

- 2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder (# T2-17)

- Expanding Ring T-2 Inner/2"Outer (# T2-28a) 


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2" Extensions


2" Deluxe Clicklock Eyepiece Extension

2" Standard Eyepiece Extension

Baader Planetarium offers two different 2" eyepiece extensions. 

The new 2" Deluxe Clicklock Extension incorporates Baader's innovative clicklock twist-lock mechanism,  providing the same ease of use and clamping force as the other 2" Clicklock accessories.  The 2" barrel can be removed to reveal the 2" SCT Clicklock Clamp (CLSC-2).  Optical path length is 47mm, wt 184g (6.5oz).

The 2" Standard Extension makes use of the lower cost thumscrew eyepiece clamp (T2-17), which utilizes two large thumbscrews for secure clamping, and a captive bronze compression ring to prevent marring.  Optical path length is 60mm.

Both incorporate removeable 2" barrels that are fully baffled to control stray light, and are threaded for 2" filters (M48).

- 2" Deluxe Clicklock Eyepiece Extension (# EXT-CLSC, Baader 2956247)

- 2" Standard Eyepiece Extension (# EXT-2, Baader 2408145)


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1¼"/2" Clicklock Expansion Adapter


1¼2" Clicklock Expansion Adapter

The Baader Planetarium 1¼"/2" Expansion Adapter enables use of 2" eyepieces in 1¼" focusers and diagonals (of course, some vignetting will occur with larger 2" eyepieces).  The 1¼" Nosepiece is threaded for 1¼"filters, and the internal surfaces are fully baffled to control stray light reflections.  Optical path length is 49mm

The expansion adapter's modular construction permits other uses.  The 1¼"Nosepiece may be removed to expose an internal T-2 photo thread, enabling connection to all the other Baader Astro T-2 accessories.  Also, the T-2 threaded ring may be removed to expose a 2" SCT thread.


- 1¼"/2" Expansion Adapter (# CLEXA, Baader 2956215)


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Nosepieces 1¼”/T-2, 2"/T-2


Nosepiece 1¼”/T-2 (#T2-14)

Nosepiece 2”/T-2 (#T2-16)

We offer two sizes of T-2 Nosepieces, which allow you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into standard 1¼” or 2" focusers or accessories.  Both nosepieces have an external T-2 thread on one end, for attaching to T-2 system components.  Typical applications include use as the input piece for the Precision Amici Diagonal and OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection).

The latest version of the 2" Nosepiece (T2-16) now incorporates a removable 'stop ring', enabling the nosepiece to slip fully inside 2" barrels for even lower profile or other creative uses.

The nosepiece outside diameters are precisely machined and finished to provide a secure fit with a minimum of slop or decentering.  Both nosepieces feature a recessed groove that provides an extra measure of security to prevent accidental slippage.  The 1¼” nosepiece is provided with standard 1¼” filter threads as well as an internal M34 thread for accepting the VIP Barlow Lens or Glasspath Compensators (for Baader/Zeiss Bino-Viewer), and the 2” nosepiece has both 48mm filter threads and a nested internal T-2 thread to enable even more uses within the system.  Of course, both nosepieces incorporate full internal sharp V-threading and blackening to reject stray light and maintain maximum contrast.

- Nosepiece 1¼”/T-2 (# T2-14)

- Nosepiece 2"/T-2 (# T2-16)


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T-2 Quick Change System

NEW T2-06A Heavy-Duty Quick Changer

NEW T2-06A Quick Changer Ring and T2-07 Ring

Complete T-2 Quick Changer (# T2-6,7)

T2-07 Quick Change Ring and T2-06 Changer

The Baader Planetarium T-2 Changer System provides a convenient and secure way to rapidly couple and de-couple the wide range of ASTRO T-2 System™ components, as well as enabling full 360 degree rotation.  The T-2 Changer System serves as a central piece in the large array of possible combinations within the T-2 System.   This novel system is comprised of two parts, the T-2 Quick Changer, and the T-2 Change Ring (available as a set, or separately).  These two components work together to enable you to quickly exchange assemblies and components, without having to thread or unthread pieces.  The dovetail design results in an extremely secure and accurate coupling, maintaining precise and repeatable location and focal distance.  This is especially useful in permitting rotation of T-2 system components (i.e. Precision Amici Diagonal, Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor) or other equipment such as CCD or film cameras.  In addition, the T-2 Quick Changer is compatible with the input dovetail ring on the Baader/Zeiss Giant Bino-Viewer, giving you a convenient way to attach to your telescope or other T-2 System components.

NEW! Heavy duty T-2 Quick Changer System #T2-6A,7 is a combination of parts #6A and 7 This is a much improved product in Baader's Astro T-2-System portfolio of telescope essentials. This changer-combo works similar to the standard T-2 Changing System #T2-6,7, but it is suitable for extremely heavy duty accessories. The difference between both Systems is part-no.6 versus part-no.6A. The (T2-6A) T-Quick Changer (with Zeiss pressure block) literally equals the Zeiss-original - only it incorporates a contemporary T-2 female thread (M42x0.75) instead of the Zeiss thread of M44. We are glad that this T-2 clamping/rotating system now is fit for the next 25 years. It will fasten almost any load with utmost security.

- T-2 Quick Changer System (# T2-6,7 or T2-6A,7)

The T-2 Quick Changer System is is comprised of one each, Quick Changer (T2-06A or T2-06) and Quick Change Ring.  Purchase additional Quick Change Rings if you desire to interchange multiple components.

- T-2 Quick Changer (# T2-06, T2-06A)

The T-2 Quick Changers incorporate machined internal dovetail lips, and a large nickel plated brass knurled thumbscrew for securely clamping the T-2 Change Rings (#07) - or in the case of the new Heavy-Duty Quick Changer (#T2-6A) incorporates a non-rotating clamping block that gives even greater holding power.  The Quick Changers are provided with an internal T-2 thread, which mates with any external threaded T-2 component, or adapted directly to your telescope.

- T-2 Quick Change Ring (# T2-07)

The T-2 Quick Change Ring is a machined stainless steel ring that incorporates an external dovetail lip on one side, and an external T-2 thread on the other.  When inserted into the T-2 Quick Changer (#06), the action of the dovetails and clamp screw precisely center and tightly seat the ring.  By slightly loosening the clamp screw, the ring can be rotated 360 degrees while still securely captured in the Quick Changer.  As with the other Baader Planetarium ASTRO T-2 System™ components, the Quick Change Ring is internally threaded and blackened to capture any stray light.


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T-2 Extension Tubes

T-2 Extension Tube, 40mm

T-2 Extension Tubes, 15mm and 7.5mm

T-2 Extension Tubes enable you to securely set or vary the spacing between T-2 components.  The tubes are available in three lengths, 7.5mm, 15mm, and 40mm, and are provided with an internal T-2 thread at one end and an external T-2 thread at the opposite end.  Full internal threading and blackening kills any stray light reflections.

T-2 Extension Tubes are used throughout the ASTRO T-2 System™ to provide proper spacing of system components.   The Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor may be configured in various ways that benefit from the ability to vary the spacing of the lens relative to camera or eyepiece.  The extension tubes provide a secure way of varying projection ratios (eyepiece to camera separation), for the OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection), and the MPCC makes use of the T-2 Extension tubes to accurately locate and couple the coma corrector to eyepieces.  You can use the extension tubes anywhere you need to precisely space and couple any of the T-2 components, in configurations of your own design.

- T-2 Extension Tube 7.5mm (# T2-25C)

- T-2 Extension Tube 15mm (# T2-25A)

- T-2 Extension Tube 40mm (# T2-25B)


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VariLock, T-2 Variable Extension Tubes


Baader VariLock 46,  29-46mm (T2-25V)

Baader VariLock 29,  20-29mm (T2-25Y)

Baader's New VariLock T-2 Extension Tubes give you complete adjustability to enable you to exactly set or vary the spacing between T-2 components.  Perfect for exact positioning of reducers, coma correctors, and other optical or imaging system components.

The VariLock extension tubes feature an accurately engraved graduated scale for an easy visual determination of the tube length (0.5mm graduations).  Simply rotate the inner tube until the desired length is reached, then tighten the lockring with the included spanner wrench. 

Full internal threading and blackening kills any stray light reflections.  2" OD enables use in any 2" system.

The Varilock 46 is also perfectly suited for setting the correct spacing of the new Baader RCC-I coma corrector onto DSLRs (when adjusted to 36.5mm).

As an added bonus, the external T-threaded portion can be removed and replaced with a dovetail ring (included) that inserts into standard camera T-rings,  for use with DSLRs.

VariLock 46 + Canon T-Ring


VariLock 46 + Canon T-Ring

+ EOS + Rowe Coma Corrector (RCC-I)


- VariLock 46, 29-46mm (# T2-25V)

- VariLock 29, 20-29mm  (# T2-25Y)


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SCT T-Adapters

Deluxe Short SCT T-Adapter #T221  (C8,15mm)

Ultra-Short SCT T-Adapter (10mm)

These short T-2 threaded adapters enable you to couple all of the T-threaded components of the ASTRO T-2 System™ to your popular SCT while using a minimum of valuable back-focus distance.  The Deluxe Short adapter (#T2-21) is particularly useful in attaching the optimized SCT photo-visual Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor, and fits all Celestron and Meade Schmidt Cassegrains.  The short lengths also permit you to pair the Alan Gee II Telecompressor with the Baader/Zeiss Giant Binocular Viewer – providing incredible large-aperture wide field binocular viewing at f/5.9!  Of course, the internal surface is fully sharp threaded and blackened to kill stray light reflections.  Using the Short T-Adapters and Astro T-2 System, your SCT becomes the perfect platform for a wide array of potential visual and imaging configurations. 

We offer two adapters to choose from.  The Deluxe Adapter (#T2-21) uses only 15mm of distance and offers an additional knurled ring that allows a grip surface for rotation of your T-threaded component.  The UltraShort Adapter (# SCT-T) delivers the shortest possible length (10mm) by simplifying and ommiting the knurled grip ring on the T-threaded portion.   Both include wide fluted surfaces to enable better grip and result in  more secure locking onto the 2" SCT thread.

- Short T-Adapter (15mm) (# T2-21)

- Ultra-Short T-Adapter (10mm) (# SCT-T)


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NX4/ETX (Mak/SCT) Universal Adapters

NX4-ETX T-Adapter, Complete

NX4-ETX Adapter, T-threaded Portion Removed (showing exposed 2" OD SCT External Thread and 1.25" Filter thread)

Baader now makes the perfect compliment to your NexStar4 or ETX telescope.  The Baader NX4-ETX Universal Adapter allows you to adapt various photo-visual accessories that use either T-thread or standard 2" SCT thread. 

In the fully assembled condition, the Universal Adapter gives your telescope a fully rotating external T-thread for coupling cameras or any of the Baader T-2 accessories.  Wide fluted surfaces enable better grip for secure locking.

The Universal Adapter also incorporates an internal 1.25" Filter Thread which allows you to install any 1.25" filter inside the adapter.  Now you can direct couple any accessory and still be able to incorporate photo or visual filters in the optical path. Or - install a clear UV/IR cut filter to completely seal your telescope from dust and the elements. 

By removing the T-Threaded adapter portion, a standard 2" SCT thread is exposed.  This allows you to, in effect, step up the smaller threads of your telescope to full 2" SCT thread compatibility.  Now, you can use any accessory that was designed to attach to the larger SCTs with 2" threading.  The 1.25" filter capability remains, too.

Note: one of the component parts of the NX4-ETX Universal Adapter is the #SCT-T adapter listed above

- NX4-ETX Universal Adapter  (# NX4-ETX)


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Threaded Couplings

Expanding Ring T2/M48 (#T2-29)

Inverter T-2/T-2 (#T2-26)

T2 Conversion Ring (10mm, #T2-34)

T-2 Locking Ring (2mm, #T2-35)

Our growing selection of threaded couplers enable you to convert T-2 threaded parts to alternate thread sizes or genders.  They allow you to rigidly couple to various manufacturer's telescope focuser threads or to combine T-2 parts into useful configurations.  Precision threading guarantees proper fit-up, and internal surfaces are fully sharp V-threaded and blackened to cancel any stray light reflections.

- T-2 Expanding Ring, T-2i/M48e (# T2-29)

The #29 T-2 Expanding Ring converts internal M48 (2" Filter) threads to internal T-threads.  The T2-29 has external M48 threads on one side, and internal T-threads on the other.  This ring is particularly handy in adapting accessories, like the MPCC, to the front of eyepieces or other accessories that are threaded to accept standard 2" Filters (M48 thread).


- Inverter T-2e/T-2e (# T2-26)

The Inverter is a simple T-2 externally threaded ring, which can be used to convert internal T-2 threads to external T-2 threads (gender changer).  It is also useful for retaining certain components, like the Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor when used with the Celestron/Baader 60° Bino-Viewer in 2" configuration.


- T-2 Conversion Ring (10mm thick, 49mm OD) (# T2-34)

- T-2 Locking Ring (2mm path length, 6mm overall thickness, 49mm OD) (# T2-35)

The #34 T-2 Conversion Ring is an internally threaded ring, which can be used to convert external T-2 threads into internal T-2 threads.  The #35 internal T-2 Locking Ring can be used with T-2 extension tubes to enable you to adjust and securely lock the rotation of the stack.  Simply thread the T2-35 onto the external T-2 threads of the component, adjust the rotation as desired, and lock the T2-35 against the component.



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T-2 Spacer Ring Set

NEW!!, Now with 5 sizes


T-2 Spacer Ring Set

Baader's T-2 Spacer Ring Set gives you a way to adjust/set the rotational position of T-2 threaded components.  Have a lock screw that faces in an inconvenient position?  Slip one of the thin delrin spacer rings over the T-threads and the rotation angle is modified (changes the point at which the threads seat).  The T-2 Spacer Ring Set comes with three each of 5 thicknesses of rings to give a range of adjustment (0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4mm).

Utilizing an individual ring in-between any T-threaded components also prevents the possibility of frozen threads due to temperature change or over-tightening.

Note: A 1mm Ring is already supplied standard with some Baader T-2 Accessories (T2 Diagonals, T2-6,7 Changer, T2-07 Changering)

- T-2 Spacer Ring Set, 15 Rings  (# T2RING)


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Telescope Adapters

T2-03 Adapter 36.4/T-2 (Takahashi/Vixen Small)

T2-22 Adapter M43/T-2 (Vixen Medium)

T2-09 Zeiss Adapter M44/T-2 (inner)

T2-13 Zeiss Cameraadapter M44/T-2 (outer)

T2-23 Russian/Pentax Cameraadapter M42/T-2

T2-12 Takahashi Converter M43/T-2

Our growing selection of Telescope Adapters enables you to convert your telescope to T-2 threading.  They allow you to rigidly couple to various manufacturer's telescope focuser threads or to combine T-2 parts into useful configurations.  Precision threading guarantees proper fit-up, and internal surfaces are fully sharp V-threaded and blackened to cancel any stray light reflections.


- NEW Takahashi Converter M43e/T-2e  (# T2-12)

This brand new adapter is what Takahashi refractor owners have been long waiting for.  This adapter converts the internal M43x.75 threads used by Takahashi on the visual backs of all their focusers, into external T-2 (M42x.75) threads.  It 's extremely thin 1mm profile results in virtually no loss of backfocus distance.  Convenient grip slots make installation or removal a snap.  With this adapter, Takahashi owners can now access the full range of Baader Planetarium accessories.  Note: This adapter does not fit Vixen  (it is not the same M43 thread pitch as the Vixen T2-22).


In particular, we highly recommend using the Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp (T2-08) to provide a superior eyepiece holder.  It's strong 3 point clamping action prevents all movement of the eyepiece or camera, unlike the standard Takahashi clamps which allow significant movement of the eyepiece as well as mismatch with eyepiece grooves (particularly harmful for imaging or use as guidescopes).  Another of our favorite accessories for our Takahashi telescopes is the Quick Change System.  With this system, we are able to close-couple cameras or use any of the Baader Diagonals (T-2 Prism, Amici or T-2 Maxbright).  These diagonals are the ideal high-quality match for the superb optics of Takahashi scopes.


Please click on the thumbnail below for some other pictures of this adapter in use on Takashi telescopes.

Takahashi Configurations



- Adapter 36.4e/T-2e (# T2-03)

- Adapter M43e/T-2e (# T2-22)

The T2-03 adapter converts Vixen/Takahashi M36.4x1 (small) internal thread to the T-2 standard external thread, enabling you to solidly attach T-2 accessories to your Vixen, Takahashi, or Chinese telescope with 36.4mm threads (i.e. Celestron, Synta, Orion, and other Vixen ‘clones’).  Note: this adapter can be used with the small step down ring provided with Takahashi telescope eyepiece clamps.  However, for the widest field and best results with Takahashi telescopes, we recommend the larger diameter T2-12 adapter above.

The T2-22 adapter converts the Vixen M43 (medium) internal thread to external T-2 threading.  This will permit you to solidly attach the full range of Baader ASTRO T-2 System™ mechanical and optical components to the medium Vixen threading.   Note:  This adapter does not fit Takahashi (it is not the same M43 thread pitch as the Takahashi T2-12).

As with all Baader Planetarium components, even these adapter rings exhibit an attention to function and detail.  The thin profile preserves maximum back-focus, and the T2-03 includes an internal M34 thread, for installing a VIP Modular Barlow lens or Glasspath Compensator (for Baader/Zeiss Bino-Viewer).  Now, your Vixen or Chinese telescope can utilize our flexible array of components to enable you to produce virtually any visual or imaging configuration that you can imagine.  These Adapters are particularly useful for attaching our OPFA System (afocal and ocular projection) and Click-Lock Eyepiece Holder to your Takahashi or Vixen telescope.

- Zeiss Adapter M44i/T-2i (inner) (# T2-09)

- Zeiss Camera-adapter M44e/T-2e (outer) (# T2-13)

These adapters allow you to convert Zeiss telescopes and M44 accessories to the Baader T-2 standard.  Zeiss telescope and equipment owners will really appreciate the new flexibility they gain from converting over to the Baader Astro T-2 System.  We've outfitted many Telementor users with our quick change system and prism diagonals, using a T2-13 adapter.  Owners of Zeiss M44 eyepieces can now convert them to 2" barrels, by simply adding a T2-09 and a T2-16 2" Nosepiece.  Or, convert the superb Zeiss M44 prism diagonal or amici turret for use with 2" focusers and 1.25" eyepiece holders.  These adapters also let you convert the M44 input/output threads of the unique Zeiss Position Circle (#T2-12) to T-2 thread.


- Russian/Pentax Cameraadapter M42i/T-2e  (# T2-23)

This adapter converts the external M42x1 threads of many Russian telescopes, into an external M42x.75 T-2 thread.  The M42 x 1 thread is also common to Pentax threaded camera lenses. 



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