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- Unique Astronomical Accessories -

Welcome to Alpine Astronomical, where you will find a growing selection of truly unique high-quality astronomical equipment and accessories.    Whether your interest is visual observation or imaging of the Planets, Deep Sky, or Sun - Alpine Astronomical is committed to providing the ultimate tools.  To fulfill this goal we have partnered with some of the world's premier Astronomical equipment manufacturers.


Solar Spectrum      

We are pleased to offer many high-quality products from Baader Planetarium, and think you will find them as innovative and useful as we have.  Most of these accessories have been designed as a system, enabling you to mix and match to meet your specific needs.  As a fully authorized Baader Planetarium distributor for these products, we are able to offer expert sales and support for North America.  We welcome Dealer inquiries.

Alpine Astronomical is the exclusive US Distributor for 10Micron GoTo Mountings and Accessories.  These innovative precision GoTo mountings are truly in a class by themselves.  

We also offer a wide range of filters for studying the Sun.   We carry the full line of professional

Solar Spectrum  Ultra-Narrowband H-Alpha filters and Baader White Light and Calcium filters.



10Micron GM4000,

with PlaneWave CDK20, 20" Astrograph

Gladius CF 315 on a 10Micron GM2000




1/1/10 Update:    Baader's new Steeltrack Crayford Focusers are now available for most telescopes; Newtonians, Schmidt-Cassegrains, and Refractors.  Ultra-Smooth focusing action, 10:1 Reduction, Hardened Steel Guide Tracks for a lifetime of buttery smoothness.



Check out the newest addition to our Optics Care products - the Rocket-Air Blaster.  This extra-large air blower delivers an extremely powerful blast of air that will dislodge even the most stubborn particles from your optics.



04/11/08 Update:    Baader's new 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Holders are now available for most popular telescopes.  Fingertip action for ultra fast and strong clamping without marring.



10/18/08 Update:    Baader's new 2" Clicklock Star Diagonals are here.  Baader has completely re-designed the diagonal that started it all years ago - the  2" Maxbright All-Dielectric Star star diagonal (1/10 wave - After Coating).  Now with the acclaimed Clicklock Eyepiece Holder, in 2" Size!  Fingertip action for ultra fast and strong clamping without marring.





10 Micron GoTo Telescope Mountings 



  • GM2000 QCI UltraPortable, The ultimate large capacity GoTo mount for portable and permanent use.  Ideal for visual and imaging with large refractors and cassegrains.  World-class quality, precision, and performance in a surprisingly compact package. 

  • GM4000 QCI Observatory, Super-capacity automated observatory platform.  Precision, quality and performance previously unavailable in a production mounting.  The GM4000 is the most cost effective solution available to professionals and research institutions.  The low price point makes the GM4000 accessible to advanced amateurs looking for professional level capacity and performance in a mount up to the task of carrying large instrument loads of over 300lbs!










Baader Planetarium has taken astronomical filtration to new levels.  Baader's innovative new designs and features, together with the very latest thin film coating technologies, result in outstanding performance, efficiency, and image quality.   Baader filters are unique, in that they utilize true optically polished flat substrates.  Ultra-thin precision cells deliver the maximum clear aperture and minimize vignetting.   Ionbeam hardened coatings ensure your filter will withstand real-world use and repeated cleaning - they are tough enough to survive boiling water! 


Whether for visual observation of planets and deep sky, or imaging with CCD/DigiCam/Webcam, Baader filters stand out from the crowd.


 Planetary and Contrast Enhancement

  • Baader Semi-APO Filter,  Baader's latest filter combines properties of the renowned Fringe Killer and the Moon & Skyglow into a single filter.   The result is the most neutral and violet fringe-free views obtainable with achromatic telescopes.  The unique properties of the Semi-APO filter significantly enhances views of Mars with ALL telescopes (reflectors and all refractors), while maintaining a very natural appearance (almost no color cast).

  • Baader Fringe Killer, Featured in Sky & Telescope April 2004 Review! The World's most advanced "minus violet" filter is here. Greatly reduces the de-focused violet fringe in achromats, while preserving the natural color balance with minimal reduction in brightness!  Incorporates Baader's legendary UV/IR filtration to also make this the ultimate CCD and Webcam imaging filter for achromats. 

  • Baader Contrast-Booster, Featured in Sky & Telescope April 2004 Review! More than just a minus violet filter.  Significantly boosts lunar and planetary contrasts, cuts skyglow, and totally eliminates the de-focused blue halo from achromats. Outstanding filter for Mars, with all telescopes! 

  • Baader Moon & Skyglow Filter, Featured in Sky & Telescope April 2004 Review!  Innovative Neodymium filter, enhances both planetary and deep sky contrasts by reducing skyglow caused by artificial lighting and background glow from Moonlight.  Also acts as an RGB intensifier for boosting color contrasts of many planetary features. Ionbeam hardened multicoatings and very high transmission for maximum durability and image brightness.

  • Baader Premium Colored Filters, Now in 2" Size!!  World's finest colored filters for lunar and planetary observing.  Multi-coatings, fineoptical polish and ideal spectral characteristics make these 6 filters the perfect tool for serious planetary observation and imaging. Available in both 1" and 2" Sizes.

  • Baader Solar Continuum Filter, Though intended primarily for Solar Observation, the 540nm Solar Continuum filter also works as the perfect narrowband green filter for star testing of refractors.


Deep Sky Filters

  • Baader UHC-S Nebula Filter  A new generation of premium nebula filter.  The UHC-S delivers a darker sky and improved contrast over typical broadband 'Deep Sky Filters', but without sacrificing all the stars like other 'UHC' filters.  Extreme efficiency makes this filter great for smaller scopes as well as the giants.  Ideal for imaging, too (with >99% transmission of H-Alpha).

  • Baader O-III Visual Nebula Filter  Outstanding views of many emission and planetary  nebula.  The Baader O-III delivers maximum contrast and image sharpness due to it's narrow, high efficiency bandpass and high quality single substrate.


Imaging Filters

  • Baader UV-IR-Cut Filter, The ultimate UV and Infrared blocker, for Digital Camera, CCD, and Webcam (Toucam!) imaging (also useful for protecting expensive H-alpha filters).  Many of the very best Planetary images from around the world have been taken using this filter. Sharp cutoff and 98% transmission! Now in 50.8mm Round and 50mm Square.

  • Baader UV-IR-Cut DSLR Filters, NEW!! Convert your Canon digital SLR to an astro-camera.  Baader's new ACF filters are designed to replace your camera's stock 'hot mirror' with a special UV/IR filter that retains maximum transmission in H-Alpha.  Also boosts resolution (due to elimination of the moire filter in the stock Canon filter).  Filters are available to fit most models of Canon DSLRs (sorry, no filters for Nikon at this time).

  • Baader IR-Pass Filter, The secret behind some of the world's best amateur planetary images.  Reduces the effects of atmospheric turbulence on planetary images by allowing you to capture the luminance image at longer wavelengths (starting at 670nm).

  • Baader Venus Filter,   Special 350nm Bandpass Filter enables imaging of cloud structures on Venus!

  • Baader H-Alpha 35nm Bandpass Filter,  The wider bandpass makes this the perfect H-Alpha filter for deep sky imagers with Digital SLRs and interline CCDs.  Extremely high transmission, sharp cutoff, and superb optical quality.

  • Baader Narrowband CCD Bandpass Filters,  Now in H-Alpha, H-Beta, O-III and S-II.  Baader's new narrowband CCD filters deliver outstanding transmissions.  Their sharp and narrow 7-8.5nm bandpasses totally block all light pollution and longer wavelengths, delivering the highest contrast CCD images possible at these emission lines.  Baader's world-leading optical quality and coating consistency ensures maximum contrast with no loss of image sharpness.  Available in 1.25" and 2" Mounted, and 50.8mm Round and 50mm Square (unmounted).

  • Baader LRGBC Filters,  NEW!! After an extensive development process, Baader Planetarium is at last able to introduce the next evolution of the RGB filter.  Through the use of the very latest coating equipment and coating design technology, the Baader LRGBC filters are able to produce improved color separation, top image quality, extreme transmissions, and freedom from the reflections common in other premium RGB filters.  Available in 1.25" and 2" Mounted, and 50.8mm Round and 50mm Square (unmounted).



Eyepieces, Accessories


  • Baader Hyperion 68 Modular Eyepieces, Sky&Telescope's Hot Astronomy Product for 2008! World-class performance and unique features, at an amazing price point.  Advanced Baader proprietary multicoatings, optical quality, and internal baffling deliver superb high-contrast widefield views.  Innovative optical and mechanical features enable variable focal lengths and use as a multifunctional projection eyepiece for imaging.  3.5,5,8,13,17,21, 24mm focal lengths, each with dual 1"/2" barrels.  $119on all focal lengths        NEW!! 24mm Hyperion now in Stock

  • Baader Hyperion-Aspheric 72 Modular Eyepieces   A technological first - the Baader Hyperion-Aspherics incorporate aspheric surfaces to deliver outstanding performance.  Their extremely comfortable view and flat 72 wide field is packed into a relatively compact size - at a very reasonable price.  Threaded for direct camera attach for imaging and includes 1" barrel in addition to the 2" Barrel.

  • Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Clickstop Zoom Eyepiece, NEW!! - Now includes both 1.25" and 2" Barrels! Extra-Wide Field, Superb optical performance, quality, and Innovative features.  Advanced Baader proprietary multicoatings.


  • Baader Zeiss Abbe 2X Barlow, The Zeiss Abbe Barlow is back!! Baader Planetarium has persuaded Zeiss to produce more of their legendary Abbe barlow and incorporated the superb Clicklock eyepiece clamp.  The result is the world's finest barlow. 

  • Baader "Genuine Orthos",  Baader Planetarium set out to  produce a high-end planetary eyepiece, without breaking the bank.  The result, eyepieces with performance that matches the legendary Zeiss Abbe Orthoscopic!   Super-low reflection multi-coatings, superb optical polish and precision mechanics result in maximum contrast, resolution, and light throughput. 5,6,7,9,12.5, 18mm focal lengths, 1" Barrel.  Now Includes winged eyecup.

  • VIP 2X Modular Barlow,  Flat field, large aperture, air-spaced Barlow.  The perfect compliment to Baader Genuine Orthos.  Modular T-2 assembly and dual 1"/2" design enables visual and imaging flexibility.

  • Blazed Grating Spectroscope/Spectrograph,  The original eyepiece spectroscope.  Utilizes Baader's proprietary blazed transmission grating to deliver extra-bright spectra (up to 82% first order transmission!, 30% brighter than other available eyepiece spectrographs).  Designed for both visual study and imaging.  Perfect for educators.

  • Winged Rubber Eyecups, Three sizes to fit most 1" eyepieces .  Perfect for binoviewing and replacement of inferior 360degree eyecups.











Focusers  NEW!!



  • Baader Steeltrack Crayford Focusers,  Baader Planetarium brings their renowned quality and innovation to the crayford focuser.  Precision Ball Bearings run on hardened polished steel ways for ultra-smooth action.  10:1 reduction and oversized knobs enable finger-touch fine focusing. Available in 4 sizes; 2" Newtonian Low-Profile, 2" SCT, 2" Refractor, and Giant 3" Refractor. 





  • Baader Maxbright-Binocular Viewer, Baader Binoviewer quality and features in a new low-priced version!   Not just another 'Chinese Clone' variant.  Top optical quality, collimation, and T-2 Modularity set the Maxbright apart from the crowd.   Includes Baader's renowned Glasspath Compensator.  Numerous Accessories enable optimal adaptation to any telescope.  

  • 2" Newtonian 1.7X Coma-Correcting Glasspath Compensator, Greatly reduces back-focus needed for Binoviewing with Newtonians.  Advanced optical design corrects coma, prism color errors, and spherical aberration in fast systems, without vignetting (even with Baader's 29mm Mark V Giant Binoviewer).  Outstanding coatings and stray light baffling.  


Star Diagonals


  • Precision T-2 Amici Diagonal, at last, a super-high optical quality correct image star diagonal in an oversized 1"+  format. T-2 Modularity.

  • T-2 Prism Star Diagonal, world's finest right angle prism star diagonal.  Oversized Zeiss Prism, T-2 Modularity.

  • T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal,  the ultimate in high reflectivity diagonals, in a 1"+ oversized form-factor.  The low-scatter 99% all-dielectric coatings and proprietary coating process results in the flattest, highest performance diagonal available.  T-2 Modularity makes this diagonal fully adaptable for any need.

  • NEW!!  Baader 2" Clicklock Mirror Diagonal, Big brother to the T-2 Maxbright.  New 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Holder for ultra-fast secure clamping!  Low scatter all-dielectric coated, 1/10 wave mirror.  Extra Large-Aperture, Modular housing, and even a low-profile attachment for SCTs. (Permits full access for Nexstar 8/8i users).


Solar Observation                                                            



  • Baader Herschel Wedge Prism, Sky & Telescope Hot New Product for 2006! Our New 2" Herschel Safety Wedge Solar Prism delivers the finest white-light solar views obtainable.  Views are notably superior in resolution and contrast to even the very finest and most expensive glass objective solar filters and films. New Lower Price Version, also includes Solar Continuum Filter.

  • Baader AstroSolar Safety Film,  delivers white light views of the Sun that are unmatched by any other objective solar filter or material - at an affordable cost for telescopes of all sizes.

  • Baader Calcium K-Line Filter,  Unique double-stacked hard coated filter, centered at 395nm, allows imaging of the Sun at the CaK emission lines, for a tiny fraction of the cost of dedicated CaK telescopes!  Works with all telescopes (Refractor, SCT, Newtonians).  Great for imaging Venus Cloud Features!

  • Baader Solar Continuum Filter, Unique filter, designed to transmit a specific 540nm region to enhance granulation and penumbral contrast for both visual and imaging.   Reduces effects of atmospheric turbulence.  Especially good for achromatic refractors.  Note: Use of a primary solar filter is also required (ie Herschel Wedge or AstroSolar film).

  • Solar Spectrum H-Alpha Filters Professional spec. large-aperture narrowband filter systems for H-Alpha.  Delivers amazing high resolution and high contrast views of solar disk  features and prominences.   At  reasonable prices.

  • Baader H-Alpha Accessories,  Cool-ERF filters from 70 to 180mm,  New 2X and 4X Telecentric Lens Systems utilizing the latest H-Alpha optimized designs.




Optical Accessories


  • Baader 2" MPCC Coma Corrector, Optimized Wide-Field Design to correct Coma in fast (f/3.7-f/6) Newtonians.  Flexible design for numerous  imaging and visual configurations, no magnification increase!  New Visual Configurations for fast Dobs!

  • Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor, brings a new level of quality and photo-visual flexibility to Schmidt-Cassegrain users - and  opens up a new world of wide field BinoViewing!

  • Baader TurboFilm,  serves as a precision transparent (clear) optical window to seal telescopes and optical systems..  TurboFilm is the highly transparent  base material used for the renowned Baader AstroSolar.  This material has amazing optical quality, which preserves the incoming wavefront.   Great as a protective front filter, or as an optical window for sealing open systems and reducing tube currents  (Cassegrains/Mewlons and Newtonians).  Also useful in many  industrial and research applications.


Digital, Photography   


  • Baader Micro Stage II Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter, NEW! Our most versatile  Digital Camera Adapter - with a new Twist.  The camera may be pivoted away from the eyepiece at any time for framing and focus, then returned to position with a 'Click'.  Rigidly and accurately attach any digital camera to any 1.25" - 2" eyepiece for projection imaging.   Outstanding Value and Convenience.  Even fits binoculars and spotting scopes.

  • OPFA System, an all-threaded adjustable modular afocal and eyepiece projection adapter system for Digital Cameras and Webcams.

  • Digital T-Rings, wide selection of sizes that allow you to use many  popular digital cameras  for afocal projection imaging.

  • HYPERION Digital T-Rings, wide selection of sizes that allow you to use many  popular digital cameras  for afocal projection imaging. NEW!




  • Sky Surfer III, large aperture, clear window (high transmission) and integral dewshield set this affordable red-dot finder apart.

  • Sky Surfer V, rugged sealed all-metal red-dot finder.  Now with Black Finish and Now Includes Baader's new Aluminum Quick-Release Dovetail Mounting System!


Mounting Accessories


  • Baader NexStar Bracket, Featured in Sky & Telescope Feb 2003 New Products Showcase!  Convert your NexStar 60/80/114/130GT or Orion StarSeeker mount into a full-featured Go To Platform, perfect for any small telescope.

  • Modular Guidescope Rings, offer extreme rigidity and a host of unique features.

  • Baader Dovetail Bars, NEW!! Engineered to be Extremely Rigid, yet light. Mark III - 470mm (18.5") long, pre-drilled for adapting C8/9/11 and other large scopes onto Synta/Orion EQ and Vixen mounts.  Mark IV for mounting onto Astrophysics Dove08 and Zeiss Mountings.  More info coming soon.




Eyepiece Adapters, Rings, Etc

     (Baader ASTRO T-2 System) New adapters added recently

  • Reducers, how about a precision .965" reducer with 1 filter threads?  Or a multi-function 2" reducer with bronze clamp ring?

  • Eyepiece Holders, Nosepieces, quality accessories for standard 1 or 2" use.  Non-Marr Clamping, precision machining and finish.  World's finest Clamping Eyepiece Holders (Click lock System for both 2" and 1)

  • T-2 Quick Changer, nifty dovetail coupling system.

  • Extension Tubes, rigid T-2 and M48 couplers for setting component spacing.

  • Adapter Rings, adapt T-2 accessories to any scope.  NEW !! Takahashi converter



Optics Care, Collimation Aids


  • Laser-Colli, unique laser collimator with viewable alignment reticle, works for SCTs too!



  • Optical Wonder Fluid, outstanding Baader Planetarium lo-residue optical cleaner.  At last, get even stubborn multi-coated optics pristine.   Special ingredients prevent fungus and micro-organism growth!

  • Optical Wonder Cloth, Super-Microfiber cleaning cloth.  Conveniently cleans most residues from eyepieces, without a scratch, and ideal when teamed with Optical Wonder Fluid.  Superior to generic camera store cloths.

  • Desiccant, silica gel beads, perfect for protecting your scope or optical accessories from damaging moisture.


  • Rocket Air Blaster, delivers a long-lasting focussed jet of air to loosen even the toughest particles.  It's the highest-powered air blower we've ever used.  NEW!


   Baader Observatory Domes


  • Baader Planetarium also produces the world's finest professional observatory domes.  Their domes are in operation throughout the world, in some of the most demanding environments from the North Pole to the South Pole.  Please contact us for further information.





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