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Bracket Info.

The NexStar Bracket consists of three machined aluminum parts, the clamp base, dovetail clamp, and dovetail bar.  A machined adapter ring is also provided with the NexStar 114 clamp to mount to its larger fork arm.  The clamp base bolts directly to the declination drive gear in place of the Celestron/Orion plastic tube clamp.  The dovetail clamp mounts to the base and provides the dovetail groove and large threaded brass clamp knob (the image above shows the clamp base and dovetail clamp joined).  The supplied dovetail bar is anodized black (no longer silver) and machined with a central 1/4-20 threaded hole plus two 1/4" wide central mounting slots that allow easy mounting with many telescopes and tube rings.  The dovetail clamp uses the Vixen dovetail standard (i.e. Celestron, Synta, Orion, and other Vixen ‘clones’), so you can also directly attach any scope that already has a compatible dovetail bar.  For attaching scopes which have mounting rings that require two mounting screws, additional mounting holes can easily be drilled into the dovetail bar flanges. 

There are two versions of the clamp available.  The NB80 fits either the NexStar 60 or NexStar 80 mount as well as the Orion StarSeeker 70 or 80, and includes a 4.7" long aluminum dovetail bar.  The NB114 is designed to fit the NexStar 114GT and the new NexStar130GT mounting as well as the Orion StarSeeker 114/130, and includes a 7.1" dovetail bar.   Additional dovetail bars are available inexpensively, in two lengths (4.7" and 7.1"), to permit you to quickly exchange among multiple telescopes.    Each bracket comes with illustrated instructions (its quite simple) and a 4mm metric allen wrench for installation.


  Installation Instructions   (265 kB Adobe PDF file, requires acrobat reader 4.x or later)

Product Pricing

Ordering Information

"Just wanted you to know - I purchased the Baader NexStar bracket a while back, and finally got around to ordering a NexStar 80.  I've attached your bracket, and mounted a Tak FS78. I also discarded the alum legs and put the mount on proper oak legs.  Wonderful setup!! Easy to move around, transport, etc. and the mount handles the FS78 very easily. I'm still fiddling with the computer to fine tune the tracking and GoTo precision, but pretty decent out of the box.  Thanks for a great product!!"  HB Bartz

Telescope Capacity

One question that often arises is just how large or heavy a scope can these NexStar GT mounts adequately carry?  The little NexStar/StarSeeker mounts are built surprisingly well.  The fork arm is die cast aluminum, and its thick heavily ribbed cross section results in a very rigid support.  The drive gears are large in diameter and machined of metal (not plastic like some inexpensive mounts), and the drive motors incorporate closed loop optical encoders.  In general,  the NexStar/StarSeeker GT mounts are well suited for all the 90mm and smaller refractors (under f/8), and 5" or smaller SCTs and  Maksutovs (i.e. the Orion Apex 127 and smaller).  While some users have been successful really loading these mounts down (one user has mounted his Astro Physics 130 EDF on an N114 mount!), we recommend keeping the total telescope weight under 10 lbs and ensuring that the drive gear tensions are properly adjusted.

Shown below are a number of different scopes using the Baader Planetarium NexStar Bracket. 

The NexStar 80 mount shown below and to the right is being used to switch between carrying a Questar 3.5" Field Model and a Takahashi FS-78C (8 lbs).  This makes the perfect grab and go setup (and, though the Questar already had a very fine small fork mount, the NexStar Goto mount upgrades the little Questar to full Go To capability without giving up small size and light weight).  The original Celestron 80mm tube assembly will have a permanent home as a super 80mm finder on a large Dobsonian.

Takahashi FS-78C

Questar 3.5" Field Model

 Click on the thumbnails below for larger images (images approx. 30 - 80 kB)

Orion Apex 127 Mak-Cass

(shown with auxiliary Orion mounting rings)

Borg 76ED
NexStar 80 Scope with Baader NexStar Bracket
Takahashi FC-60
New Zeiss Diascope Spotter
Leica Televid 77 Spotter


NexStar Info.

For more info. on the little NexStar telescopes and the Baader NexStar Bracket, go to the Links section and check out the NexStar links listed there.  There you will find some more info. and reviews from other users of these brackets.  One particularly handy site is Mike Swanson's NexStar Resource Site.  Another great resource for NexStar users is the NexStar eGroup (Yahoo! eGroups, search on group name 'nexstar').

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