MPCC Images




The following images were sent to us by Jim Solomon.  Jim used a Celestron 8" f/5 NGT and a Canon Digital Rebel (300D) at prime focus with and without the MPCC.  Though still quite close to the image centers, the close up comparisons show significant improvements from use of the MPCC.  The image sensor in the Canon is approximately 23 x 25mm, substantially smaller than 35mm film. Improvement at the corners is even more dramatic.  The close-ups also give a good idea of the amount of coma present in a medium focal length 1" eyepiece.


M27 (without MPCC)




NGC 6946 (Galaxy) and NGC 6939 (Cluster) with MPCC




NGC 6946 Close-Up (portion of full image w/MPCC)                                Same Region from M27 Frame (no MPCC)


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