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Welcome to our Special Items section.  Here you will find items that we carry from time to time in limited quantities.  Often, when special ordering some items for customers, we will acquire extra quantities for general availability.  For all items, please inquire for price and availability. Also, if you are looking for ZEISS Accessories or ZEISS APQ Telescopes, we are often able to assist with locating these instruments, or to offer friendly and experienced advice.


We are also happy to special order just about any Baader Planetarium item not stocked or shown here.  Please email us with your request and we will verify price and availability. 



2017 Eclipse Sebenza




On August 21, 2017 the continental US experienced a rare total eclipse that spanned from coast to coast.  The path of totality passed through the heart of Idaho.  As Baader Planetarium's North American Distributor, Alpine Astronomical (based in Eagle, Idaho) sold and distributed Solar Filters and Solar Viewers to individuals and schools across the US for viewing the eclipse.   To commemorate this rare event, Alpine Astronomical has commissioned the world renowned Chris Reeve Knives to produce a small quantity of special Unique Graphics Large Sebenza 21 knives.  Based in Boise, Idaho, Chris Reeve Knives was the perfect partner for this project,and their Sebenza was the ideal precision knifemaking 'canvas'.


These knives combine the unique hand-produced graphics of  Lisa L'Eveque-Hague, along with a very special Cabochon and Corona, to give a beautiful and symbolic representation of this event as viewed from Idaho.  The graphics depict the central Idaho mountains, with the Eclipse perched above the peaks.   The Eclipsed sun is represented by a gem-quality *Idaho Star Garnet.   Surrounding the garnet is an irridescent corona laser-graphic that was created from an Eclipse photograph that Alpine Astronomical provided to Tim Reeve of Chris Reeve Knives, taken from Donnelly, Idaho.  The lockside scale also features an engraved date of the event.


This is the first time that a celestial event has been commemorated by CRK, and only the second time an Idaho Star Garnet has been featured in a Chris Reeve Knife - the first can be seen on the cover picture of  'The Exquisite Blade' DVD.


* The Star Garnet is the state gem of Idaho.  These deep plum colored garnets are unique, in that they display a star when held in bright light (similar to,but much rarer than a star saphire).   These special gems can only be found in two places on the Earth  - a specific region in Idaho and another region in India.




Here are some numbered images of the knives available for sale. Unfortuantely, we found it difficult for our photos to accurately represent the appearance in hand.  The corona changes reflectivity based on lighting angle, as does the star garnet - its star is best seen in bright light.



Eclipse Sebenza #1


Eclipse Sebenza #2


Eclipse Sebenza #3


Eclipse Sebenza #4


Eclipse Sebenza #5





To purchase one of these special knives, please go to the Chris Reeve Knives - BST facebook group.  Full details on purchasing can be found there. Knives will be sold on a first come, first served basis and the sales status will be kept up to date on the group.



Useful Links:


Chris Reeve Sebenza:






Zeiss M44 Position Circle


(info left here for reference)


The Zeiss M44 Position Circle was designed to provide a very convenient and accurate means of rotating reticle eyepieces for precise measurement of  double star position angles.  This circle provides 360degree precision rotational capabilities for any application.  Simply loosen the single knurled lockscrew, and rotate accessories to the desired angle.  Works  also as a very handy accessory for adjusting CCD or film camera rotation (Camera Angle Adjuster).  Almost a work of art in itself, the circle is made of solid Brass, and finished in satin black lacquer with white filled  engraved markings.

The circle is provided with external M44 threads on the input side, and M44 internal threads on the output.  To adapt the circle for use with the Baader Astro T-2 System, add a T2-13 (Zeiss Cameraadapter) and T2-09 (Zeiss Inner Adapter). 

No Longer Available


ZEISS APQ Telescopes



APQ 100/640 and APQ 130/1000

For our own observing, we have settled on high quality apochromatic refractors as the best instrument for our viewing conditions.  After owning and using most of the apochromatic scopes available, we have found the ZEISS APQ (oil coupled Fluorite Triplet) to be absolutely the finest visual refractor we have ever used.  The level of optical quality, color correction, and mechanical sophistication has to be seen to be believed.   The APQ remains at the pinnacle of modern refractors.

Though now no longer produced, we are periodically able to locate these rare and exquisite instruments, and offer them for sale directly.  We only handle the most select quality instruments, and provide expert assistance and support through Baader Planetarium (the Zeiss worldwide dealer and service support).  Please contact us for availability (email).

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