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Rocket-Air Blaster

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In our search for the best optical cleaning products for our own use in-house and in the field, we came across a product that stood head and shoulders above everything else we tried. The Giottos Rocket Air Blaster immediately impressed us with its high-powered and focussed blast of air, making all the other 'hurricane' type blowers seem anemic by comparison.

The Rocket Air Blaster's rigid venturi nozzle creates a narrow and extremely powerful jet, and the one-way inlet valve prevents suck-back through the nozzle. At 7½" overall height, the extra-large oval shaped natural rubber bulb fits perfectly in the hand and provides a large volume of air, delivering a long-lasting air blast that loosens even tough static-cling particles. Thanks to the base 'fins' the Rocket-Air is free-standing for convenient use and storage.

Highly recommended for both indoor use and field use (the thick natural rubber is tear-proof and resists both high and low temperatures).