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The Original: Baader Planetarium

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  • The original BAADER PLANETARIUM – produced for more than 50 years
  • More than 15.000 pieces have been delivered world-wide
  • The instrument consists of a Star-Glob with 50 centimeters diameter made of acrylic glass - almost black, but transparent for the observer in a darkened room.
  • With the Baader Planetarium you can demonstrate the mechanics of the heaven in a heliocentric manner. Perfectly suited for schools, universities and observatories

The Original: Baader Planetarium

The Baader Planetarium – the cornerstone of our company and worldwide the most successful Demonstration model for the mechanics of the heavens – produced for more than 50 years. re than 15.000 pieces have been delivered world-wide
The device consists of a celestial globe with 50 centimeters in diameter, made of Plexiglas - almost black - but transparent for the viewer in a darkened room.

An interesting effect here is that any observer can indeed see into the globe, and only see the black background on the other side with laterally correct stars, but does not perceive another person standing behind it! This creates a very strong spatial impression.

The celestial globe consists of two half-shells, the upper half is removable. Inside is an electrically driven Tellurium assembled, showing the circulation of the earth and moon around the sun.

You can demonstrate with the Baader Planetarium amongst other things the following astronomical facts:

  • Earth's orbit around the sun, origin of the seasons
  • Orbit of the moon around the earth
  • The emergence of the phases of the moon, full moon and new moon
  • The development of solar and lunar eclipses
  • Synodic and Sidereal Time
  • The precession of the Earth's axis
  • The visibility of the constellations, depending on the season
  • The visibility of the constellations, depending on the location of the observer on the globe
  • The positions of the inner planets, the projection of the starry sky and much more

By removing the solar sphere you get a pointed light source. In a darkened room or by using a projection dome the stars of the celestial globe can be projected

The globe is free to rotate in its holder, thus the stars for any date and location on Earth can be represented as a projected image.

Accessories for the Baader Planetarium

Projection domes with suspension (#2000100)

Geometric correct hemisphere, consisting of 8 sub-segments each 45 degrees of glass fiber reinforced polyester. Colour matt white interior, exterior gray. Self-supporting.

  • Available in 2.5, 3.5, 4, 5 or 6 meters in diameter
  • Wall thickness about 3 mm
  • Number of segments 8

50 years – one device!

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
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