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Baader 3"/Pan-EQ dual dovetail clamp 370mm


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The Baader 3" Pan-EQ 370 offers secure and absolutely solid clamping - for all standard mounting bars.  The unique dual dovetail clamps fit both 3" Losmandy and Vixen EQ style dovetail bars.  Nothing can twist any more, the rail replaces a balance weight at the same time because it is far forward and the telescope tube can be balanced much better!

Wavy clamping surfaces maximize the points of contact with any dovetail bar and socket headed clamp knobs enable use of an allen wrench for tightening. Pre-drilled for a variety of mounts (10Micron, Astro Physics, Baader GuideScope Rings, Baader Stronghold, Celestron C8, Celestron C9¼, Celestron C11, Takahashi, Vixen).

(Baader #2451565) Weight 1,500 g.




Pan-EQ 3"Clamp 370mm Information Sheet