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Baader Heavy-Duty 8" Double Mounting Plate


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Baader Double Mounting Plate.  8" width (203mm) heavy-duty dovetail bar 570mm in total length, for up to 100kg (220lbs).  Mounts onto heavy mounts such as 10Micron GM3000 or GM 4000.

  • Requires one 8" Planewave Clamp (# CDK-CLMP) for attaching the Double-Mounting plate onto the mount to move left and right.
  • Allows dual mounting of two optical tubes side by side – with total instrument payload up to 100kg (~220 pound)
  • Pre-drilled for most Baader Dovetail Bars and Clamps, eg.: Baader Pan EQ clamps 190mm, 230mm, 370mm or an additional 8" Planewave clamp

(Baader 2451559)  Weight: 6.9kg