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Kowa TSN-773 77mm Prominar XD Spotting Scope, Angled

by Kowa
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The TSN-770 series spotting scope is an all out performer. A large bright 77mm objective lens made from the finest grade of ED glass, manufactured in our factory in Japan - Kowa XD lenses are fluorite rich and deliver outstanding optical clarity. A truly compact and lightweight scope body made from tough magnesium alloy, whilst still packing the optical power of a large and bright 77mm objective lens. A quick and easy accessory collar makes digiscoping with a digital camera or smartphone a dream and compatible with our Kowa System accessory range makes this scope truly versatile.

The TSN-770 Series has the portability and compactness of a 60mm scope but the optical performance of an 80mm scope using XD lenses.

  • 77mm XD (ED) objective lens
  • Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Body Waterproof/nitrogen filled
  • Twist sun shield
  • Dual Focus (Quick & Fine Focus)
  • Eyepiece Locking Mechanism
  • Easy to access adapter collar

TSN-773 angled spotting scope body only
Please note: additional eyepiece is required in order to operate.

Kowa 77mm XD lens model - superior performance in a compact body.

The performance and compactness of these spotting scopes are second to no other scopes in this class.The housing is waterproof to JIS protection class 7 and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging

The PROMINAR models TSN-773/774 using an XD objective lens with low dispersion properties to diminish chromatic aberration. The well established Kowa focus system has progressed to a new dual focus system. The quick focus, with a large and easy to turn knob, will focus from infinity to five meters in two revolutions. The fine focus, with smooth movements and pinpoint accuracy, is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping systems.

When an XD lens (eXtra-low-Dispersion-lens) is paired with a concave lens with special dispersion properties, chromatic aberration is almost eliminated. The performance of spotting scopes with XD lenses is very close to that of our flagship models with fluorite crystal.

Kowa XD Lenses
Kowa's XD Lenses (eXtra-low Dispersion glass with similar characteristics to fluorite crystal) combines with a special dispersion concave lens to reduce a very high percentage of chromatic aberration for the ultimate viewing experience.

Waterproof and Fogproof
The housing is waterproof to JIS Protection Class 7 and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging to ensure image clarity.

Dual Focus Mechanism
Kowa's well-developed focus system has progressed to a dual focus system with smooth movement at high magnifications for pinpoint accuracy in image display. The quick focus can easily shift from infinity to 5m in two revolutions with the large and maneuverable knob. The fine focus moves fluidly to create pinpoint accuracy and is extremely useful at high magnifications and with digiscoping systems.

Thixomolded Magnesium Alloy Body
The magnesium alloy body is constructed by a sophisticated process called thixotropic molding to give the strength and feel from a traditional metal body, but with much lighter weight. The rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and to the deliver the highest level of confidence and security.

Kowa's Eyepiece Locking Mechanism
Kowa's standard eyepiece bayonet mount includes a locking mechanism to prevent the eyepiece from getting lost or falling out unexpectedly.

Tripod Mounting Screw
A tripod mounting screw allows the scope to be safely secured to both 1/4 and 3/8 inch mount tripods.

Pin Point Control
The TSN-770 spotting scope benefits from over 60 years of optical design and engineering. The exquisite focus system has been refined to new levels of sensitivity providing a quick and fine dual focus system - easily operated by the touch of a finger, The quick focus, with a large and easy to turn knob, will focus from infinity to five meters in two revolutions. The fine focus, with smooth movements and pinpoint accuracy, is extremely useful at high magnifications and for digiscoping systems where pin point control of focus is required. Operation out in the field is sublime.

Kowa XD Optics
As with many spotting scope brands, the TSN-770 series spotting scopes feature ED (Extra low dispersion) glass to improve optical performance, but the story does not end there. ED glass is manufactured in a variety of quality grades. Every TSN-770 model features Kowa’s environmentally friendly, legendary XD objective lenses. This high resolution ED glass contains large amounts of the mineral fluorite crystal - the best material available today for light transmission ensuring an image with edge to edge sharpness and virtually zero chromatic aberration (colour blur). The result is a simply stunning view of the natural world.

Tough and Lightweight
The TSN-770 series spotting scope is one of the most compact and lightweight in its class of large objective spotting scope models whilst still retaining a tough durable body. This is achieved by utilising a magnesium alloy body made by a sophisticated molding process called thixotrophic molding, it has the feel and strength of a traditional metal body with decreased weight when compared to other large-diameter scopes. The rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and provides confidence and a sense of security for the user.

Designed to Digiscope
With an easy access collar on the main body of the scope, the TSN-770 can quickly be transformed in to a super telephoto lens system. Kowa offers one of the widest ranges of digiscoping adapters on the market with solutions for DSLR, compact system and many smartphone models. All are Just a few simple steps away for direct connection to the spotting scope body and you are ready to start digiscoping. The large 77mm XD lens is the perfect partner and a dream for any digiscoper with outstanding light transmission, virtually zero chromatic aberration (colour blur) and incredible sharpness.

Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 77mm
Objective Lens Material: XD lens
Minimum Focusing Distance: 5.0m
Length: 318mm
Weight: 1330g
Filter thread: 82mm
Key Advantages
  • 77mm XD (ED) objective lens
  • Low chromatic aberration (colour blur)
  • Lightweight, tough magnesium alloy body
  • Quick/Fine dual focus
  • Ready to digiscope with built in accessory collar
  • Range of compatible accessories to expand system
Scope of Supply
  • TSN-773 angled spotting scope
  • Objective lens cap
  • Instruction manual
  • Cleaning cloth

Kowa Sporting Optics Spotting Scopes TSN 880 770 Manual

Kowa System Leaflet