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NanoTracker travel mount (incl. Mini-USB)

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  • The worlds smallest star tracker
  • You need less than a minute to point it at Polaris with the integrated sight tube
  • You can use the NanoTracker on both northern and southern hemisphere
  • weighs only 350g and fits into every camera bag (camera and mini-tripod not included)
  • Now with Mini-USB connection for external power supply (e.g. with optional Powerbank) instead of standard battery usage

NanoTracker – The night the stars stood still

How many nights did you spend with your telescope under the night sky, gazed upon the stars and perhaps even tried astrophotography with your telescope? Now you can catch these immortal impressions without much baggage and work. Just use the rare clear nights for both observing and taking pictures!

The Travel Companion for all astronomers

The world‘s smallest star tracker weights only 350g and fits into every photo-bag. You need less than a minute to point it at Polaris with the integrated sight tube

Unfortunately, the app mentioned in the instructions is no longer available in the App Store. However, many planetarium programs also display the equatorial coordinate network and the celestial coordinates; if you place the mobile phone on the nanotracker and aim for the southern celestial pole (declination -90°; the southern celestial pole because the mobile phone is pointing downwards if you want to see the display), this also works. Otherwise, you can also use your smartphone's compass/inclinometer. Align the nanotracker with the compass pointing north and use the tilt sensor to adjust the tilt according to your latitude. If the slide display is pointing upwards, the following applies: Angle of inclination = (90°) - (latitude of the observation site). You don´t need an expensive polarscope!

Take crisp, clear widefield-images of the night-sky with low-ISO and long exposure times.

You can use the NanoTracker on both northern and southern hemisphere, or use „half sidereal speed“ to integrate the landscape in your images. You‘ll soon find out about the perfect exposure times for both sky and landscape.

Timelapse made easy

You can use your NanoTracker also during the day for timelapse movies, e.g. of clouds passing over the nature. The camera moves slowly over the landscape, providing more dynamics to your movies.

The easiest start into Astrophotography

The NanoTracker is compact and lightweight, so you can easily store it in your travel bagagge. You can use it at home as well as all over the world. Every clear night gives you new chances for impressive images of moon, stars or the milky way combined with different landscapes, people or buildings. You won‘t miss bright meteors in the sky! And who knows what else you will capture „accidently“.

Technical Data

  • Tracking modes: 1x/0,5x sidereal-, moon- or solar-tracking. Max. Speed 50x. Switchable for northern or southern hemisphere
  • Drive: Stepper motor with separate hand control unit
  • Mechanics: Steel/brass 50 tooth wheel gear
  • Bearing: two bearings
  • Thread:¼" photo-thread on both sides
  • Loading Capacity: 2.0 kg
  • Power Supply: 3x AA Batteries (not supplied), or Mini-USB

Dimensions: Tracker 60x98x44 mm, Hand control 50x105x22mm (without cable)
Weight: Tracker ~ 350g, Hand control ~ 80g (w/o batteries)