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Baader Morpheus Eyepiece Spring 2023

Baader Morpheus Eyepiece Spring 2023

The Baader Morpheus Eyepiece Spring 2023 sale is here! Save on all Morpheus eyepieces reduced from $299 to $249 until 31st May 2023.

Why Morpheus?

  • FIELD SHARPNESS: The ultra-sharp 76° undistorted flat field is unsurpassed by any other modern wide field eyepiece. Also on-axis sharpness and contrast rivals even the best planetary eyepieces.
  • LONG EYE RELIEF AND OPTIMIZED FOR BINO-VIEWING: ~ 20mm of eye relief provides that famous spacewalk feeling, incredibly impressive with bino and both eyes.
  • HARD ALUMINIUM ALLOY with industrial quality UV-stabilized anodizing surrounds a set of 8 lenses with one ED- and two Lanthanum elements.
  • 2" AND 1¼" NOSEPIECE in one eyepiece of 55mm max outer diameter, supports bino-viewing even for kids.
  • PHOTO-/VIDEO-ADAPTATION: all Morpheus® eyepieces make superb imaging projection optics with the M43 thread.
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