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Latest News

  • New Products in February 2022
    February 23, 2022

    New Products in February 2022

    Baader FCCT (Filter Changer and Camera Tilter) The first new product is the Filter Changer and Camera Tilter (FCCT) for use on the Celestron RASA 8" with a range of QHY cameras. This all-in-one filter holder with camera tilt mechanism...

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  • Baader CMOS-optimized L-RGB Filters Now Available!
    October 4, 2021

    Baader CMOS-optimized L-RGB Filters Now Available!

    The new CMOS-optimized L-RGB filters from Baader Planetarium with Reflex-Blocker™ and Life-Coat™ are now available in 1.25", 2", 31mm, 36mm, 50.4mm, 54mm, 50x50mm and 65x65mm.   Baader CMOS RGB Bandpass Filter RGB-R (595 – 690 mm) RGB-G (490 – 580...

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  • All new Baader CMOS Filters
    May 21, 2021

    New Baader Planetarium CMOS Optimized Narrowband Filters

    After two hard years of development and significant investment in R&D, the new Baader CMOS optimized (ultra-) narrowband and highspeed filters are imminent. The new range of Baader CMOS Optimized filters, consisting of 84 filters, finally and cost-effectively tackle the...

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