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Discover New Baader Planetarium Products for July 2023!

Discover New Baader Planetarium Products for July 2023!

Baader C2 Swan Band Filter 15nm OIII Parallel

Experience precise comet observation with targeted 511nm and 514nm emission line isolation and enhanced contrast. Perfect for comet hunters and astrophotographers. (SKU 2958700) 

Baader Planetarium C2 Swan-Band OIII Parallel Comet Filter

Key Features:

  • Targets the two brightest C2 emission lines at 511nm and 514nm, known as the "Swan-Band" in comet gas tails.
  • Blocks the line at 501nm and below, enhancing contrast for better distinction between gas and dust tails.
  • CMOS optimized for increased contrast and minimal halos.
  • Front-Reflex-Blocker™ hard-coated and planeoptically polished for superior performance.
  • Suitable for various applications beyond comet photography, such as star removal and solar observation in a specific spectrum section.
  • The Baader C2 Swan Band Filter offers precision and versatility, making it an essential tool for comet observers and astrophotographers seeking clear and detailed images of comets.


Baader SunDancer II Telecentric System TZ-4S

Unlock the universe of solar observation with an essential telecentric system. Achieve optimal performance, recommended focal ratio, and versatile adaptation for stunning H-alpha images. (SKU 2958701) 

Baader Planetarium Sundancer II Telecentric System TZ-4S

Key Benefits and features of the Baader SunDancer II Telecentric System TZ-4S:

  • Essential for Optimal Performance: TZ-optical systems are indispensable for achieving undeteriorated performance in heated SolarSpectrum filters. For H-alpha observations below 1 Angstrom half-bandwidth, a telecentric lens system is absolutely necessary to create a perfectly parallel optical path, ensuring the unrestricted function of the complex etalon.
  • Recommended Focal Ratio: The TZ-4S allows you to achieve the recommended focal ratio of f/30 to f/40, ensuring the best contrast and image quality for H-alpha observations.
  • Versatile Adaptation: The TZ-4S features a dual 1.25"/2" nosepiece with safety kerfs for a stable connection to the telescope side. It can also be used in place of a Barlow lens, expanding the telescope focal length by 4x.
  • Optimal Clear Aperture: The TZ-4S provides a clear aperture of approximately 35 mm, offering excellent contrast and clarity for a variety of SolarSpectrum filters.
  • Future-Proof Choice: The TZ-4S is designed with the latest optical calculations, ensuring compatibility with newer SolarSpectrum filters and providing better optical performance compared to older models like TZ-4.
  • The Ideal Starter: For users starting with H-alpha observations, the 2" Research Grade TZ-3 Telecentric System (3x focal length) is recommended. It offers a larger clear aperture and better optical calculations, providing superior contrast for SolarSpectrum filters.
  • Avoiding Poor Matched Systems: Using an unsuitable system, such as a Barlow lens, can lead to reduced contrast and image quality. The TZ-4S and TZ-3 Telecentric Systems are purpose-built for H-alpha observations, ensuring optimal results.
  • The Baader SunDancer II Telecentric System TZ-4S is a crucial tool for solar observers seeking uncompromising image quality and precise optical performance. Its telecentric design guarantees a perfectly parallel optical path, maximizing the functionality of complex etalons and delivering stunning views of the sun's H-alpha features.


New Additions to the Baader M54 Adapter System!

Explore seamless connections for your astronomy setup with precision-engineered adapters and accessories:

Baader Metal Dustcap with M54 Internal Thread - Safeguard your optics with this precision metal dustcap, protecting against dust and debris. (SKU 2958702)


Baader M54 Extension Tubes - Achieve a flexible setup by adjusting the distance between connected devices. (Multiple SKUs)

Baader M54 Internal to M48 External Adapter - Effortlessly convert M54 internal threads to M48 external threads for versatile connections. (SKU 2958750)

Baader M54 External to M48 Internal Adapter - Perfectly adapt M48 threaded accessories to M54 threads with ease. (SKU 2958751)

Baader M54 Internal Inverter Ring - Change a M54 male thread to a M54 female thread for enhanced versatility. (SKU 2958752)

Baader M54 Nosepiece with Safety Kerf - Connect your accessories with confidence, featuring ultra-hard construction and safety-kerfs. (SKU 2958770)

The Baader M54 Adapter System ensures compatibility and convenience in your astronomy setup. Explore the Baader M54 Adapter at our website

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