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Save 20% on Baader Hershel Prism MK2

Save 20% on Baader Hershel Prism MK2

Save 20% on the Baader Cool Ceramic Safety Hershel Prism MkII until 1st April 2024.

A Herschel wedge is the tool of choice for uncompromising quality in white-light solar observation. It allows for the highest magnification without loss of quality.

The new Mark II version of the Baader Herschel Prism complements the tried and tested Cool Ceramic light trap with solar finder by adding a rotatable filter holder for continuous brightness adjustment with an optional polarizing filter. The latest version of the 7.5nm Solar Continuum Filter additionally increases the contrast further.

Scope of supply

  • Cool Ceramic Safety Herschel-Prism MK II with 2" nosepiece und 2" ClickLock® clamp
  • 2" Neutral Density Filter ND 3.0 (1:1000, Transmission 0,01%) #2458332
  • 7,5 nm Solar Continuum Filter 2" #2961581
  • Sturdy transport case made of ABS plastic
  • with gasket and air seal
  • Only in the photographic version (P):
  • additional ND 1.8 / 0.9 and 0.6 filters

Discover the Baader Cool Ceramic Hershel Prism Mk2

Top Ten Features

  1. Superior Optical Quality and Solar Safety: The Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II combines safety with superior optical quality, offering exceptionally clear and sharp solar images without the risk of eye damage or equipment overheating. Its prism-based system exceeds the performance of traditional solar safety films and no introduction of color fringing reducing image sharpness.

  2. Enhanced Heat Management: Featuring "Cool-Ceramic" technology, the Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II ensures efficient heat dissipation, which maintains image stability and reduces the risk of damage to the equipment, promoting safer solar observation sessions.

  3. High-Contrast and Detailed Solar Imaging: With dielectric multi-coating and precision polishing, the Wedge reduces light scattering and blocks harmful UV and IR light, allowing for high-contrast views and detailed observation of solar phenomena like sunspots, granulation, and flares.

  4. Longevity and Durable Build Quality: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II is designed for durability, ensuring longevity and performance that outlasts solar safety films and withstands wear and tear.

  5. Versatile Solar Observation: The Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II provides multiple filtering options with included Neutral Density and Solar Continuum filters, enabling various solar features to be observed in different lights. It can be used with a wide range of telescopes and cameras, making it a versatile tool for solar imaging. It can be attached directly to the telescope's focuser or connected to most cameras using a suitable adapter. This flexibility allows both visual observers and astrophotographers to capture stunning solar images using their preferred equipment.

  6. Improved Design and User Experience: The Mark II version boasts an improved build quality and refined design, ensuring a better performance and an engaging unboxing experience that enhances user interaction from the start.

  7. Education and Enhanced User Insight: The detailed manual and added insights offer an educational aspect, improving user understanding of solar observation and providing a more informative experience compared to simpler guides.

  8. Advanced Image Results Potential: Leveraging advancements in technology, the Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II aims to deliver better contrast, more detailed images, and a more authentic white-light view of the sun than previous models and traditional solar films. The Solar Continuum Filter is designed to enhance the contrast of solar images, it brings out the finest solar details, making sunspots, granulation, and faculae more visible.

  9. User-Friendly Setup and Operation: The wedge is engineered for ease of use with minimal setup time required, ensuring that observers can focus more on the observation and less on equipment configuration.

  10. Comprehensive Solar Observing Solution: Combining safety, educational value, high-quality construction, and user-friendly design, the Baader 2" Cool-Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism Mark II stands as a comprehensive solution for both amateur and experienced solar observers, promising many years of enjoyment in solar astronomy.

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