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  • Baader Addresses PRESHIFT and New f/3 Filters
    July 1, 2022

    Baader Addresses PRESHIFT and New f/3 Filters

    New Baader Whitepaper addressing filter selection and PRESHIFT Baader has received a lot of positive feedback from their customers after introducing their new CMOS-optimized filter range. Baader has also received lots of feedback and reports from customers and engaged in...

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  • All new Baader CMOS Filters
    May 21, 2021

    New Baader Planetarium CMOS Optimized Narrowband Filters

    After two hard years of development and significant investment in R&D, the new Baader CMOS optimized (ultra-) narrowband and highspeed filters are imminent. The new range of Baader CMOS Optimized filters, consisting of 84 filters, finally and cost-effectively tackle the...

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