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Baader Wide-T-Ring Sony E/NEX Bayonet with D52i/M48 to T-2 and S52

SKU TRING-S (Baader #2408317)

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The Sony Alpha 7 cameras – especially the 7S and 7SII – are very interesting for astronomical purposes because of their high sensitivity, short backfocus light weight and very compact body dimensions. We produce a very short T-adapter for Sony E-Mount/NEX bayonet, which adds only 8.3 mm onto the 18 mm backfocus of the camera housing. This enables an adaptation to all backfocus-critical systems like HyperStar or fast Newtonians. All other T-adapters with T-2-thread which are commercially available at the moment do vignett the light path. We have encorporated the well-tested system of our Protective EOS-T-Ring into the Sony-adapter: Besides the T2-thread, the design also includes an M48-thread – and even bigger – the outer part of our ultrawide S52-clamping system. We will soon offer a 2" nose-piece with S52-ring-clamp. This 2"-nose-piece does provide you with an unobstructed clear inner diameter of 46mm and eliminates vignetting with the Sony Alpha 7 cameras even with very fast optical systems.