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Optical Wonder™ Cloth

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  • Cleaning cloth "Optical Wonder™" made of Super-microfiber
  • cleans without scratching: eyepieces, objective lenses – even mirrors
  • Clean lined and machine washable
  • Length X Width = 25cm x 25cm

Baader's cloth is made from a finer grade microfiber than the typical lens cloths sold at camera stores or eyeglass stores. When paired with Wonder Fluid, it is easy to keep lens surfaces clean and working like new.

Our Own Thoughts on Cleaning: Cleaning optics seems to be one of the banes of this hobby. Everyone has to learn their own way on this subject, including finding their favorite lens cleaning potion. Over the years we've tried most of the available lens cleaners, including some touted by friends or manufacturers as the best or residue-free, and found that most fall short. Very few have come close enough for our own 'picky' tastes (some highly regarded and expensive 'high tech' cleaners have turned out to be real duds). We try to keep our optics as close to new as possible - clean and free of visible residues or discolorations, even under bright light at varying angles. Modern multicoatings are brutal in their ability to show the presence of tiny amounts of contaminants.

In the end, we have only found one solution that produces completely residue-free cleaning - photometric grade acetone or alcohol. Using these ultra-pure solvents takes care and practice to achieve a pristine surface that is completely free of the faintest discolorations. The effects of these discolorations are negligible in use, so we recommend avoiding over-cleaning in an attempt to eliminate every trace. In general, we recommend most amateurs stick to less aggressive cleaners.

For detailed instructions on how to clean eyepieces and refractor objectives please click the following link. We also highly recommend the use of our Rocket Air Blaster to initially remove debris and fine particles from optics, prior to the application of fluid and cloth.

Cleaning Optics by Thomas Baader

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2905000
EAN CODE 4047825007841

Cleaning and Maintenance of Optics - a short instruction / guide

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