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10Micron ColdTemp-package for GM4000 Mounts

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Modification package for ext. temperature range to -35°C

Not available for retrofitting existing mounts

ColdTemp package for GM2000, GM3000, and GM4000 mounts

Standard cables and greases become brittle and cause severe premature aging when subjected to deep freeze temperatures over longer periods of time. We strongly advise to choose this upgrade package for either GM2000/GM3000/GM4000 mounts, in case the mechanics and electronics of the mount have to work flawlessly under hard environmental conditions. Please note that this can only be integrated into the mount during master assembly and can not be upgraded. This treatment would cost many times as much, if it were to be performed on an existing mount that would need to be fully disassembled to the core.

The ColdTemp-package includes:

  • Highest cost low temperature grease for bearings and worm gear (suitable viscosity stretched down to - 60°C)
  • Pre-tension springs on axes and shafts for thermal compensation
  • Integrated Linux PC w. extended XT range survival pack (up to -40°C/specified by the manufacturer)
  • All internal cabling replaced w. high endurance siliconflex cables (internal cable strands are being replaced by low temp copper alloy w. individual high strength silicone mantling)
  • Absolute encoders modified for -40°C continuous operation
  • Heavy duty test in cold chamber for several days at - 35°C

WiFi-Upgrade is not available in combination with the ColdTemp package!