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Baader Adapter M44/T-2 for Zeiss (T-2 part #09)

SKU T2-09 (Baader #1508041)

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  • Combo of Zeiss M44 female and T-2 female thread
  • Threaded reducing M44 to T - 2
  • Zeiss threaded ring M44 internal thread on T - 2 internal thread
  • So you can use components with M44 connection thread to each T-2 diagonal prism / Zeiss mirror.

These adapters allow you to convert Zeiss telescopes and M44 accessories to the Baader T-2 standard.  Zeiss telescope and equipment owners will really appreciate the new flexibility they gain from converting over to the Baader Astro T-2 System.  We've outfitted many Telementor users with our quick change system and prism diagonals, using a T2-13 adapter.  Owners of Zeiss M44 eyepieces can now convert them to 2" barrels, by simply adding a T2-09 and a T2-16 2" Nosepiece.  Or, convert the superb Zeiss M44 prism diagonal or amici turret for use with 2" focusers and 1.25" eyepiece holders.  These adapters also let you convert the M44 input/output threads of the unique Zeiss Position Circle (#T2-12) to T-2 thread.