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Baader Modal Steel Pillar for small to medium mounts

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The Baader Modal Steel Pillar is a fully engineered permanent observatory solution for the small to medium 10Micron mounts (GM1000, GM2000).  Its conical octagonal design has been engineered through modal analysis to avoid prominent resonances.  The sand-filled cavity rapidly dampens vibration.  The end result is a pillar that significantly exceeds the performance of simple round or square tube.

  • Payload capacity up to 250kg (550lb)
  • Welded Steel, actively dampens vibrations.
  • Bottom plate 500x500 mm
  • Top plate diam. 240mm Dia and 25mm thick
  • with 3 threaded Bolts M14 and center hole to fill the entire pillar with Quartz-sand at the erection site
  • Internal tube of 3" inner width for internal routing of cables
  • Accessory tray 360x270 mm, durable 2K paint RAL 1013
  • Standard heights: 60/80/100/115/125/135/145/155/165 cm.

 Please Note:  This is a special order by Quote, and is only available to AstroMounts purchasers of a 10Micron mount.  

(Baader #2451210) Weight: approx 100kg (220lb), depending on height.