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Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold (10pc, 25pc, 100pc)

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Unfortunately, due to heavy demand we have sold out of all Baader Silver/Gold Eclipse Glasses.   We recommend you contact one of our authorized Baader dealers (see 

The following authorized US Baader Dealers had some remaining inventory recently, so they may still be able to help you.  Several of them also sell on Amazon, so may be able to be fulfilled quickly while their stock lasts:


Baader's Renowned Solar Viewer Silver/Gold eclipse viewers provide a premium and safe affordable way to view the sun.  Proven and trusted around the world for over 30years.  Baader and Alpine Astronomical are among the few reputable suppliers of eclipse viewers recommended by NASA and the American Astronomical Society.

Available in 10pc, 25pc, and 100pc quantities.  For smaller qty sales, please contact one of our Authorized Dealers.

Baader's latest viewers offer the following benefits:

  • NEW – No Reflections: the anti-reflective, UV-absorbing “Gold”Film on the inside of Baader’sAstroSolar® Viewers guarantees a most comfortable viewing experience (none of the 'warming' that can be felt with some black PET film viewers)
  • Made in Germany: Baader Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold are entirely produced in Germany under direct supervision of Baader Planetarium. These are high quality glasses using time tested expensive materials, processes, and stringent quality controls.
  • Safety: Baader Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold meets and largely exceeds the latest EN ISO 12312-2:2015 standard for eclipse viewers. Just as importantly - Each and Every Viewer is tested to ensure its safety.  Don’t entrust your eyes to anything less.
  • Crystal Clear and Tack Sharp: Many low cost viewers may supply softer hazy views. Baader’s Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/ Gold deliver the same crystal clear views as their renowned Astro Solar® film used for over 30 years by professionals and amateurs for high magnification telescopic observation.
  • True Color Views: No other viewer presents the sun as close to its real color – WHITE! All of the other viewers claim to produce a ‘pleasing’ or ‘Natural’ yellow or orange colored sun (not because that is desirable, but because all simple smoked plastic viewers color the image to look reddish). Nothing could be more un-natural for the overhead sun. Our Sun is White and Baader’sAstroSolar® Viewers are the only way to see it this way with your eyes.
  • Four languages in one: Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold may be lawfully sold across the USA as well as in Mexico and Canada as they carry safety instructions in English, French and Spanish language. The fourth language - German - is just a reminiscent of their origin.
  • Story: each Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold printing artwork explains in vivid images what actually happens during an eclipse
  • Safe storage: each viewer packed individually in protective poly-bag

1 pc

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459294
EAN CODE 4047825028693
WEIGHT (KG) 0.005
USAGE Visual solar observation
ASTROSOLAR FILM AstroSolar® Silver/Gold Film
SOLAR WAVELENGTH Whitelight (integral light)

100x Solar Viewer in counter display

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459297
EAN CODE 4047825028730
WEIGHT (KG) 0.616
USAGE Visual solar observation
ASTROSOLAR FILM AstroSolar® Silver/Gold Film
SOLAR WAVELENGTH Whitelight (integral light)

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