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Register your interest for the Baader Micro Guide eyepiece with Log-Pot illuminator

Register your interest for the Baader Micro Guide eyepiece with Log-Pot illuminator

The Baader micro-guide eyepiece, which has been in production for 35 years, will probably no longer be produced. Reciprocally with the development of astro-electronics, the demand for this eyepiece has decreased over the decades to very small numbers. Only very few observers nowadays still measure with the eye or show their students how to measure at the eyepiece and even fewer perform manual guiding with such a high quality eyepiece. Therefore, production can only be resumed if there is a significant demand. If you are seriously interested in this eyepiece, we would be grateful if you would register your interest below. It may take up to one year until we will finally notify you, in case the number of interested parties would justify Baader to perform a new production. Thank you for your patience and interest in this unique eyepiece.

The Baader-MicroGuide is the only micrometric crosshair guiding eyepiece being produced with the original Genuine Ortho lens set! This means: perfect sharpness, no ghosting and freedom from distortion across the full field of view - just like the real Ortho-optics design that Carl Zeiss had introduced originally for measuring purposes. The 12.5mm focal length is the ideal combination in regard to high magnification, generous viewing comfort and ample pupil distance.

To register, simply click Add to Quote on the page linked below and complete and submit the form.

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