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The Baader Instrument Multi Port (IMP85)

The Baader Instrument Multi Port (IMP85)

The Baader Instrument Multi Port IMP85, an accessory primarily intended for Planewave telescopes that opens whole new worlds for remote observatories designed for amateur and professional astronomers alike. This versatile tool allows the simultaneous and permanent use of up to three instruments at the telescope's focal plane, so that you’ll never need absolutely can avoid having to reconfigure the mount balance of modern, highly balance-sensitive direct drive mounts. For the most any direct drive systems, rebalancing may become an issue if the combined weight of the optical system changes just a few grams on the rear end. Planewave offers extremely fast balancing routines that certainly can be controlled remotely, but it is extremely helpful if all necessary equipment is firmly mounted at the telescope rear end and switching from DeepSky camera to a spectrograph or planetary camera can be done remotely and effortless.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-Instrument Capability: Seamlessly switch between up to three instruments, maximizing observational efficiency and versatility without the need for physical reconfiguration.
  • Large Clear Aperture: The 85mm main camera port ensures maximum light throughput, enhancing image quality and detail for celestial photography.
  • Automated Mirrors: Two automated square mirrors divert light to auxiliary ports, enabling complex imaging setups and simultaneous observation.
  • Remote Operation: Operate your setup from anywhere with an internet connection, offering unparalleled convenience for remote observatories and amateur astronomers.
  • Precise and Adaptable Ports: With clearly defined backfocus, the ports accommodate a wide range of systems through standard adapters, allowing for parfocal connection of instruments to all ports for optimized setup customization.
  • Durability and Precision: A robust CNC machined aluminum housing protects your equipment, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Essential Accessories:

The IMP85's potential can be fully realized with a range of accessories designed to customize and enhance your observational setup. From precision adapters and extensions to camera-specific attachments, these accessories ensure compatibility and flexibility for any astronomical endeavour, allowing you to either delve into the Planwave or Baader adapter systems.

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