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Baader UFC S70 C14 Hyperstar Adapter, telescope-sided (optical height: 8,3 mm)

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  • Baader UFC S70 / C14 Hyperstar, SC, HD Adapter
  • Telescope-side: C14 Hyperstar, SC and EdgeHD Adapter
  • Camera-side: with S70 dovetail
  • Can be adapted via the S70 dovetail to the UFC filter base #2459110 as well as to UFC extensions
  • Please note the below description on Hyperstar Adaptation

Important note on Hyperstar-Adaptation

The distances for adapting a camera to the Hyperstar system must be done with a precision of +/-0.3mm or better, otherwise the image quality will suffer. Please take a look at the following image showing the necessary Backfocus.

Example: A Celestron C11 Hyperstar has a backfocus requirement of 59.7mm; in addition, the focus shifts 0.66 in the extrafocal direction, if you use filters with a thickness of 2mm (as they are usually used for 2"/M48-housings). As a rule of thumb, a filter moves the focus in the extrafocal direction for 1/3 of the filters thickness. Subtract the flange focal distance of the camera from this value (rounded 60.7mm). The remaining distance is adjusted by the UFC and its adapters. If you aren't sure, please contact us for advice.

MANUFACTURER Baader Planetarium
SKU (#) 2459133

Baader Universal Filter Changer (UFC) - Technical Drawings

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